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Life: A Founding Principle

Crime is once again on the rise in Huntington.  This past June brought proof that crime is now spreading to what were once considered the “safer” parts of town.  These are the parts away from Huntington Station–-the parts with the broad lawns, winding streets, and their own private police forces. The most alarming report concerned charges of first degree rape by a known gang member from Huntington Station, now apparently committing crimes in Huntington Bay.

On Friday, July 15th, 2011 at around 2:30 in the afternoon on 10th Street in Huntington Station, an unidentified male was shot.

The very next day, at 12:30 pm in the afternoon, and within close proximity of one of the two main thoroughfares (New York Avenue) leading into our beloved village, police were called back to the scene to deal with a swarm of 50-100 youths.  That night, at a popular nightspot in the heart of Huntington Village, a young man was shot multiple times.

And still our elected officials remain silent.  They have offered no words of comfort.  They have presented no solutions.

Instead, Councilman Mark Cuthbertson has spent his time calling out the  board of education (BOE) of school district #3 for its  position on the high-density Avalon Bay project.   He waited until the vote was done, rather than engaging in honest debate.  He chose to attack in the local online papers rather than picking up the phone and calling the BOE trustees, or meeting face to face.

It was just this past May that the Town Council voted in the Avalon Bay project.  A little over a week after that vote, Town Supervisor Frank Petrone issued a press release aimed directly at the Greater Huntington Civic Group.  He did not address the merit of its objections.  No, he instead berated what he perceived to be its “lack of civility” and even claimed that “many of the Avalon Bay opponents do not accept one of the founding principles on which our country was built.”

It seems our elected officials have a lot to say when it comes to promoting their housing projects and nothing to say about the additional crime that such high-density housing brings.  Do they share the concerns of their constituents?  Can they spend less time planning ribbon-cutting ceremonies and instead cut down on the crime?

The founding principles of this nation are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.   Where does the Town Council stand on the important issues, the recent rise in crime, a threat to the very first principle, LIFE?

Steven Spucces is President of the Greater Huntington Civic Group.

An important meeting hosted by the Greater Huntington Civic Group is taking place on Thursday, July 28, 2011, at 7:00 p.m.

Where: VFW Post 1469

210 W. Pulaski Road

(3/10 of a mile East of Oakwood Road)

Huntington Station, NY 11746

This Group is leading the opposition to Avalon Bay Housing Project; high-rise apartments; high crime; high-density, low income housing; and the Down Zoning of Huntington. Join Today!; Phone: 470-7432




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20 comments to Life: A Founding Principle

  • Great Job guys!

    I have been to a few of these meetings and these guys are doing what others have not.I am impressed with what I have seen so far.I will be there on Thursday. Great POV. Where are the people we elected to speak out about the rise in crime?

  • @Steven

    Very well put. This current Town Board is not used to having so many citizens pay attention and call them on their unacceptable behavior. I wonder if Cuthbertson, Petrone, Jackson and Berland realize how out of touch and arrogant they are. The arrogance comes from getting away with things for years. Certainly, they can’t believe they have done a good job in their positions. The Town has been on a downward spiral under their watch.

  • john q public

    if a meteor struck our “beloved village” 95% of you crybabies that post on this site would try to blame petrone or the town council. wake up and smell the coffee- huntington is not immune from the problems of american society…

  • Anonymous

    Hello John q Public,
    Rather than calling names, I would like to have an adult conversation with you. Please attend our next meeting to discuss further. I will be happy to discuss the reason for the above article. I have to believe that you care about Huntington otherwise you wouldn’t waste your time posting. Let’s speak.


  • John LaVertu

    American Soldier Shot

    As per the Long Islander, an American Marine on leave, was shot in Huntington Station. For anyone to demean this incident with statements of “meteor” strikes and “crybabies”, is truly a coward. A man that enlists in the Marines, and is ready to give his life to protect the people of this country and the principles it stands on, is randomly shot in broad daylight by some thug roaming around the unprotected streets of Huntington. There doesn’t seem to be much honor in that. The people we have elected to serve and protect us and our families are to blame 100% and have failed their people. It’s a God Damn disgrace that a soldier that protects OUR rights to even post here was shot on the streets in the middle of the afternoon while on home from leave. He was seeking a better life for himself and look what he got when he can home. My step son is now a soldier and I am appalled that we haven’t taken steps over the last 30+ years!!! 30+ years!!!! to finally resolve this issue.

  • Ruh Row!

    Don’t forget Susan Berland has had beach cleanups (General Services (GS) employees do this work), Adopt-a-Cemetery (GS again) etc.

    The next thing will be adopt a tree, or telephone pole, or fire hydrant. I just made these up but I would not be surprised.

    Does she really think we are so stupid as to fall for these gimmicks? After over ten years on the Town Board this is all she has to offer us.

    What we need is leadership!

  • @Steven

    Your response to John Q Public shows that you are a class act. What Mr. Public fails to realize is that groups such as yours grew out of the need to save our quality of life from the 4 Dems on Town Board. People like Mr. Public like to spin the truth and say we object to so much, actually Mr. Petrone and “friends” have given us so much to object to. We focus mostly on the high density housing and lack of code enforcement, that however doesn’t even being to scratch the surface of how Berland, Jackson Cuthbertson and Petrone have failed the residents of this Township.

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate very much what this new community civic group is doing but beware, groups like yours and meetings with thousands of people who had the same issues with Petrone and his rule have all been decimated. Petrone the Democrat as of now is trying to divide the Republican Party of Huntington who is against Avalon Bay and other higher density housing by helping disgruntled and power hungry Republicans to get power.Petrone will not succeed. Yet the public should realize that the Democrats are divided because Petrone is no liberal nor a real Democrat, he is an opportunist with ties to the builders and developers and real estate brokers he clearly represents. If this civic organization wants to really make a difference it has to get politically astute and rid the town of Petrone’s power by voting out of office Berland and Jackson and then next year Petrone himself. Then and only then will you get what you want. Forget party lines and help those locally who want to help Huntington and as of now the Republican Party of Huntington wants to do that. Give them your support. It’s for all of Huntington’s good.

  • Vote them out

    Break Petrone’s Voting Bloc Now

  • Ruh Row!

    The Civic Group should talk to the people that live around the Walt Whitman Mall and help them in opposition to the Mall expansion that the Triangle Civic Association stopped under the leadership of Sonya Bradley in the late 90’s.

    At that time the Mall ownership agreed to a 10 year moratorium on additional building.

    Time flies but the problems are the same.

  • @John Q

    Go back under the rock ou can out of!

  • Marshall Field

    John Q Public could very well be Don Mckay, Frank Petrone’s mouth piece. The ills of society could be addressed if our laws were obeyed and enforced. That includes our building and housing codes/laws. Huntington is way over populated and it’s only going to get worse much worse. With Petrone in power and the same special interests influencing the town board members with the exception of Mayoka, the town will forever be a cash cow for slumlords and developers and those who want to dump more people into it. If you don’t believe me take a look at the next town over, Smithtown, a much better place to live and the way Huntington use to look. Petrone may be in office until 2014 but he doesn’t need to have a majority on the town board to keep that power. Vote out his two yes people Berland and Jackson. This will take away much of his power.

  • Anonymous

    there was stabbing in huntington village friday night i don’t see it on this website or the patch why cause it involved to white people if it was to minorites it would have been posted everywhere? They say this town is not racist what a joke?

    • Anonymous

      Huntington is segregated economically and racially and therefore we don’t see successful minorities living in Huntington or on Long Island for that matter. People need positive role models,job opportunities as well as affordable education and a sense of hope that life can be better. This will only get worse if Republicans get into power. We will move toward a two class society; The poor and the wealthy. The right wing wealthy believe they can buy themselves out of any situation whether its environmental, medical or social. But money doesn’t buy immortality. We need to come together as Americans to keep our United States of America the magnificent land it is.

  • Anonymous

    There are a lot more acts of violence then the media, politicians and police let on in Huntington. The violence is not just in the station area anymore.

  • Anonymous

    The guy that stabbed the white guy Friday night was black.

  • Anyone see this?

    News 12 has a Huntington segment today.(looks like an unpaid ad for Huntington)Petrone briefly interviewed by Carol Silva but I did not hear anywhere that he expressed concern about the recent violence in the area.Did any of it actually take place?

  • @News12

    Didn’t see, but know for a fact there was a stabbing outside of Finleys Saturday night.

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