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Man Shot Multiple Times in Huntington Village

A man was shot multiple times on Wall Street, Huntington Village, early morning on Sunday, July 17, 2011.

For Immediate Release from Public Information Office of Richard Dormer, Commissioner, Suffolk County Police Department:

As reported earlier, a man was shot multiple times in Huntington in front of 6 Wall St., on Sunday, July 17, 2011, at 2:50 a.m.

Suffolk County Police Second Squad detectives are investigating the incident.

Cory Culberth, age 21, was standing in front of 6 Wall St. when he was shot multiple times in his abdomen and left arm. Another bullet grazed Culberth’s head. Culberth was transported in a private vehicle to Huntington Hospital where he was listed in serious condition.

The suspect, who was described as a black man between 20 and 25 years old, fled on foot heading north on Wall Street.

Detectives are asking anyone with information on this incident to call the Second Squad at 631-854-8252 or anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

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30 comments to Man Shot Multiple Times in Huntington Village

  • Specky Doodle

    Where is Public Safety here and on West 10th street?

  • Marshall Field

    Those spot shotters should be all over Huntington when Petrone Cuthbertson Berland and Jackson leave office. Democrats rejoice Petrone and his cronies if still in power will further increase the village’s population and Huntington Station. There answer to all this crime-AVALON BAY, NO MORE SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES LET THEM BECOME TWO FAMILY,MORE APARTMENTS ON STORES IN HOUSES ETC, LETS KEEP HOUSING THE WORLDS POOR AND MISFITS RIGHT HERE IN GOOD OLD HUNTINGTON. THE URBAN CITY IS HERE NOW RIGHT IN HUNTINGTON VILLAGE SO VOTE FOR THE DEMS AND WATCH THE BULLETS FLY AS WE MUST HOUSE MORE PEOPLE FROM OUTSIDE THE TOWN TO LIVE HERE.

  • EnoughisEnough

    Oh my gosh this is horrible! Prayers are with Corey and his family…


    Crime is not a political issue-it’s a human issue. My prayers are with these families.

  • My Town Too

    Ok Frank, the guns are now at your front door (town hall)!

    What are you going to do about this?

    Levy, Cooper, Marcellino, Israel? What are you guys doing about this?

    • Sheriff F.Petrone

      What are we gonna do? We told ya already, ya big dummy. More high density housing, more people and that will lower the existing residents chances of catchin a stray bullet. We’ve been listening to the will of the people and this is what my posse has come up with. Its a numbers thing. Let some new people be walking targets for a change. We wont let a couple of bad apples spoil the cart. A little pent up frustration and a few good ole boys pull out their pistola’s and squeeze off a couple of rounds. Ya better just get used to it ’cause like it or lump it, its a way of life for folks ’round here. I suggest you take your yellow bellied butt to Campsite and purchase yourself a pair of six shooters and a case of whiskey, just for the summer months. Me and my posse will be lookin out for ya from the safety of Town Hall. Yeeee Haaaa, dont forget to vote for my sidekicks Berland and Jackson come November. They’ll make ya proud pahtner. Till then, yipeeekayeaaa and try to keep your women and children safe. Good
      luck, Sheriff F.Petrone.

  • henry dam

    severalyears ago a town attornys wife complaind about duck hunting and waterfowling ceased . because the activity disturbed the children . the law abiding shooters were told they could hunt in csh [huntingtons step child]. . the point is the town took [illegal] action to stop the legal sporting discharge of fire arms over open water in huntington. if they could stop water fowling [ducks] why cant they stop the street shooting of people?

  • safety first

    I was wondering why there were so many cops and undercover officers at the fair on Friday and sure enough there was trouble that they had to escort them out.

  • Anonymous

    to bad the cops were not in the village thats were the real crime is

  • Anon

    Wondering if the Town Chamber of Commerce who voiced their approval for Avalon Bay (high density housing) will make any statements to their membership now that crime is happening in downtown Huntington. When the people stop coming to spend a warm Summer evening on the streets of Huntington for fear of guns, what then. What will the Chamber of Commerce say then, it is our faults for being lawless. And your businesses will be failing. If I owned a shop in town I would be all over the Chamber and the town board. Frank and his crew are making it worse. The police are at the point they are not telling the public the truth in open sessions. Info has to be FOIL’ed to be distributed. We need to join together Merchants, Residents and Police. Tell the truth lay blame on failed policies, learn from the mistakes, fix the problems. And the answer isn’t more damn high density housing.

  • henry dam

    anon the water fowlers were intimidated . How do you intimidate the criminal mind? the armed citizen is the bulkhead against the armed criminal.

  • Patricia S.

    OMG why are only the gun nuts, anti-Avalon and racists posting about this? You are what is making this place scary. There are criminals EVERYWHERE, even in places where people pack a piece on their person, even in rural and suburban areas. Why no outcry about gun control, especially after the mass murders in Medford? If it weren’t so easy to get guns it would be harder for gun crimes to happen. DUH.

    This board is the best this town has ever had (and I’ve lived here 30 years). Educate and inform yourselves, folks; fight back and speak out against ignoramuses like those posting above. Glad to see the really racist post earlier was taken down.

    • J Christopher

      Are you saying that CRIMINALS won’t be able to get their hands on guns if there were stiffer gun laws? Who is the ignoramuse? Are you saying our elected officials are doing a great job of cleaning things up? 30 years? Nothing has changed, its only got worse. Pull your head out of the sand and take a look around before you post. The people who arer angry about murder and violence are scarier than those committing murder and violence? Yeah, that makes sense. Fight back with what? Criminals have guns and knives, what should WE do? Make a mean face.

    • Sanity

      @Patricia.. Outlaw guns?!? Our only means of self defense? Making guns illegal will work just as well as it has with Pot. There should be an outcry for gun control… every citizen in Huntington should learn how to shoot one (control their weapon better). The criminals will then move on to easier prey, just as they always do. Crazy gun control laws do nothing to stop criminals. It just infringes on the rights of those that actually do care about and follow the law. Most other states have learned this already and are repealing their gun control laws or letting them expire. I can’t wait for New York to wake up and catch up with the rest of the country.

  • @Patricia

    really? really? You must have gotten the “how to demonize the residents” hand-out Frankie is giving all his employees along with a bonus to post on social media to help keep him in office with the other 3 criminals he is ruining town with. Try to find another approach than grouping everyone together. Racists? I would like to debate that. Against which race exactly?

  • Police Blotter 101

    ‎11-366690 20110714 02 202 07/14/11 14:45 ASSAULT 2 19 Y/O DANIEL MOHAMMED SHOT IN SHOULDER ON 5TH BY 5TH AV HUNTINGTON STATION
    ‎11-370226 20110716 02 203 07/15/11 23:17 ASSAULT 2 50-100 YOUTHS DUPLICATE EVENT:LOCATION = 77 11 AV 10TH AV HUNTINGTON STATION 11746

  • thumbs down

    Where is the thumbs down button? I need to give that Patricia chick as many thumbs down as possible. People talking about the crime that happened are responsible for “making this place scary” ????????????????????????????

    People like Patrica who want to lable people that you don’t know anything about as being bad for talking about a crime that was already committed?

    Go put your head back in the sand sweetheart.

  • henry dam

    its been said . When you trade freedom for security , you get neither.quote by Thomas Jefferson

  • mcr

    If nys were a gun carry state, the suspect might not have been able to flee the scene and would likely have thought twice before pulling such a cowardly act. people(cowards) who illegally own and use guns on the unarmed know that the regular population is helpless. look at states with carry vs non carry policies. it clearly demonstrates that the states with gun control have higher rates of gun crime. although it is a right trampled on by suffolk county, permitting people that properly apply and are professionally vetted maintain a license to carry firearms would work wonders to keep us safer. when was the last time you heard about anyone robbing a bank or committing a crime with a legally registered gun owned by a properly registered user?

  • henry dam

    MCT .Right on .The greatest fear a criminal has is the armed citizen .Dont blame suffolk county .It is the city legis that that keep making draconian laws in Albany and Washington DC.

  • John Wayne

    @MCR Dead on accurate. The people of this town have had enough of empty promises from our Town officials and our county Police. Why has Town Hall not put out a press release on the recent incidents? Our families lives are at risk every summer since forever ago and where do they concentrate their efforts? Definitely not where need be. Every law abiding citizen that resides in this town, should march to our local police precinct and demand the paperwork for a legal handgun carry permit. It doesn’t mean we all go out buy guns, but it would make such a powerful statement that an entire town applied for permits at once. Make them nervous. Stand up and tell the people that are supposedly in charge, that we are sick of it all. Maybe a little national attention would shine some light on whats going on in this town.

  • Petroned

    This town will not get better but much worse and as I write this police are all over Depot road and ninth avenue. This happens all the time and will not stop. The cops can do only so much. The politicians have let us down and have gotten wealthy by doing so time an again. Frank petrone had blamed the police for the crime around the closed JA school. That was a load of bs. Police commissioner Frank Dormer wrote a letter that was sent to supervisor Petrone and was made public. In it Dormer stated the root causes of many of the crimes in Huntington Station are caused by lack of code enforcement by the town of Huntington. The non enforcement of many illegal dwellings and commercial buildings used for housing and the higher density of people living here in the station.

    Petrone and the dems answer to all this crime is


    • safety first

      The problem with code enforcement is that they are too busy going after people with illegal pools or decks or even poor little plantings on “town right of way” that they cannot go after real important situations, like illegal housing. That would involve to much effort and paperwork. Spend the money on Code enforcement and audit their daily work to see that it is not spent driving around in circles. Hold them accountable for their daily work. What are they doing all day? What tickets did they write? Post a log to the public what are they doing on a weekly basis, like the police log. Keeps us informed, we have the right to know it’s our tax dollars.

  • James

    Take a look at Chicago and see real world results of what a handgun ban does to the crime rate. In order to get my handgun license, I had a police interview, four references, five notarized documents, a FBI background check, was fingerprinted and had a six month waiting period.

    Before you start touting stricter gun control laws in the name of safety, you should get your facts together. Also.. the tactic of calling someone a “racist” because they don’t agree with your point is petty and a last resort argument of the uninformed.

  • christopher

    Easy to get a gun? You mean legally easy? One person with a permit goes batshit (over drugs), and suddenly everyone with a pistol license is evil? Get your facts straight, it is NOT easy to get a LEGAL gun, only easy to get an ILLEGAL gun. Here is one for you. Try getting one yourself and see if you do not get denied over some traffic ticket you got in 1994. I see it daily. Gun control does not affect criminals, it effects YOU. YOU are not allowed to have a gun. 29,288 people in Suffolk have pistol licenses, but one does something stupid, and these worms come out of the woodwork crying “easy to get a gun”. Would you like to bet the shooter in this case did not apply for his pistol?

    And secondly, the guy in Medford was busted because his fingerprints were on file, his gun was registered, and it made catching him as easy as 1-2-3. Just like it was supposed to.

  • perimedik

    WOW. Ignorance is really rampant. If maybe people took the time to LEARN the facts and understand you can not just walk over to “campsite” and say I want a handgun. They and anyother store in NY would laugh you out the front door. There is a fingerprinting background checks, references interviews etc all for you to have a right given to you under the second ammendment. So Stop it woith the Gun Control nonsense.

    Criminals STEAL guns and commit crimes. They do not follow the laws. EVERY citizen has the right to own a firearm they CHOOSE not to. REMOVE That choice you remove freedom. I believe that every law abiding citizen who has that right should excersise it responsibly and own a firearm. If there were more legally armed citizens there would less crime. An armed person is a citizen and unarmed person is a subject and victim.

    If you were told you had to have a background check, fingerprinted interviewed etc and were limited to a 56K modem and 1 hour a day on the internet to excersise your first ammenedment rights you be pissy too. Cars and Drunk driving kills 3x more people than ALL Lfirearms related deaths combined. ban alcohol (oops that failed) put pegs on ALL CARS in the US so NO_ONE CAN BREAK THE LAW and go over 55mph…

    Now back to the topic. The guy was shot multiple times, at close to 3am. I am sure he was waiting for the book revue to open. I am sure he was just a fine upstanding citizen who was walking to the train station. I am sure that the shooter is onfile with DOJ and NYS as a repeat offender that was let out on the street again for another crime to be commited.

  • christopher

    Hey Perimedik, see you on LIF 😀
    More than one voice of reason around here!
    Doc T

  • henry dam

    how about opening the spagnoli range for legal fire arms owneres so they can sharpen their eye and those that are frustrated can take it out on paper targets.

  • […] torso. A man named Cory Culberth was also shot in the summer on Wall Street in Huntington Village, The location of the shooting last night is 8 Cutting St., […]

  • Anonymous

    Hello what about the families I happen to be the girlfriend …my bf jus got shot and all ppl can talk about is politics n you dnt kno half the shit your talking about?!?!yu should be a shamed of yourself

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