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Huntington FD Rescues Teen from Lloyd Harbor Crash

Teen hits utility pole in Lloyd Harbor on Saturday night. Photo by Steve Silverman.

Huntington firefighters and police responded to a Saturday night crash after a Mercedes-Benz struck a utility pole and a tree on Southdown Road and Abbington Drive in Lloyd Harbor, on July 16 at about 11:25 p.m. The teenage driver was pinned in the wreckage and extricated by a team effort from the Huntington Fire Department and Suffolk Police Emergency Service Unit.

Rescuers used the “Jaws of Life” extrication tools to remove the roof of the wrecked car and free the patient.  He was transported to Huntington Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries by the Huntington Community First Aid Squad. The pole snapped in several pieces and sections with wires hung precariously overhead as LIPA crews worked to shut off power. Lloyd Harbor Village Police were also on the scene.  About 25 firefighters and EMS personnel responded with a rescue truck, pumper, and two ambulances. Units were under the command of Huntington Fire Chief Brian Riggs.

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