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Tax Cap Near Approval

AlbanyGov. Andrew M. Cuomo and legislative leaders struck a tentative deal on
Tuesday paving the way for a vote on issues that affect millions of New
Yorkers — renewing regulation of rent-regulated apartments, capping
property taxes for homeowners and raising tuition at state universities,

The state’s annual legislative session had been scheduled to end on
Monday, and lawmakers are now pushing to complete their work and go home.
The rent, property tax and tuition measures — some details of which were
still being negotiated on Tuesday night — are expected to begin moving to
the floor of the Senate and Assembly on Wednesday.

Lawmakers also agreed to allow the State University of New York and the
City University of New York to raise tuition at a rate of $300 a year in
each of the next five years. While full details of the deal were not
available on Tuesday, lawmakers said students who depend on state
financial aid to pay their full tuition bills would be exempt from the

The property tax measure, which affects homeowners throughout New York,
would cap annual increases in the amount of property taxes collected
annually by school districts and towns at 2 percent a year or the rate of
inflation, whichever is lower, while offering some relief for local
governments from state spending mandates. Mr. Cuomo and Senate Republicans
say the legislation will curb soaring property taxes in places like Huntington
where residents face some of the highest property taxes in the country.

It is not clear how they will offer mandate releive as our local schools
need it to stay strong. If not between the tax cap and mandate releive we
may survive next years budgets. The teachers union also has to step up as
just did the CESEA today with a freeze on wages for 3 years to 66,000 state
workers and to pay much more towards there health and pensions costs. With
that in mind maybe the teacher union will finally understand it is not all
about the kids it is about the contracts and how people can no more
afford more and more.

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12 comments to Tax Cap Near Approval

  • mcr

    hooray! we got a tax CAP on the highest taxes in the nation. its a ‘special’ cap that ‘caps’ tax increases @ 2% per year. a true cap would cap taxes at the current level. what was needed was a major reduction coupled with massive spending reduction in almost all areas of govt. our elected officials think that we are stupid and that we can’t read past or listen past the soundbite. think about the effect of a 2% increase every year year over year. vote them all out.

  • Mathmatician

    will only take 50 years to increase 100%.


    I wanna see someone with the balls to take on Union reform.

  • parent

    Maybe the tax cap will wake up the “mean girl” Kim Brown as to the financial reality of this District. Its insulting to ignore the flight of people from SD 3 and try to beat people up over what they mean by “good families”


  • henry dam

    it is not the state town and fed tax that is eating up my ss money . they may seem high when added to the school tax .
    it is the school tax that is double of the other taxes. in the fifties my tax was four hundred and eighty five dollars now it is thirteen thousand . iwonder what my taxes will be in twenty fifty? in eighteen hundreds the school tax was four dollars and thirty cents.and the school system produced the mogals of the industrial revalution that made this great nation of today. wow

  • Becky 5

    Don’t forget to vote out Rogan when you vote out Brown in 2012- watch the Dems in Town Hall and the
    Spector/Hebert ticket cry!! All those AB kids and no shoulders to lean on. A 2% tax cap will weed out the weak

  • My Town Too

    If Albany doesn’t do something about the unnecessary mandate costs, this cap will do nothing but cause innumerable problems for our schools. Our legislators need to pass mandate reforms and if they don’t come back to Albany until January as I heard, it will be too late. Districts will already be working on their budgets for the following year. Knowing how Albany works at a snails pace, I don’t foresee any movement on mandate relief in the near future. We will only see more loss of teachers and programs – our schools will be devastated, a mere shell of their former selves.

    Of course districts must negotiate better contracts for ALL staff, not just teachers. That will help over the long run. Mandate relief will help immediately.

    • agreed but......

      we had a few boe members say we should put up 5,6 or 7 % increases and let the public decide. sadly, we just “fired” one of the few who argued against that and replaced him with someone who stood at those meetings and said he agreed with a higher budget. this new board will probably try to override the cap anyway. mandate reform is needed but we also need to cap this type of thinking now. unions will also be less powerful as people get angry at loss of programs with no concessions from them. it could have been better but maybe will set some wheels in motion.

      • My Town Too

        I doubt that the new board will be trying to put up such high tax rates for future budgets, as they know that the voters won’t pass it. Give us a reasonable 2,3% and it will do fine.

        As to the override, the voters would have to pass that by a 60% majority. I guess it depends on the contents of that particular budget, what types of cuts were made and if the unions cooperated and gave some concessions to help out.

        • agreed but......

          Well, wouldn’t 3 % require an override? I don’t know, I think we have a doozy of a new school board. I hope you are right in doubting they would try it, but I don’t have a lot of faith. I think they will, but we shall see.

          • My Town Too

            True, a 3% would need the majority vote. I know boards in the past tried to keep the rate down without touching program. It’s just that the costs (not talking salaries here) keep going up and individual school boards can’t do anything about those. You can shop around for the cheapest cost, but you also have to look for the “most responsible” bidder or one with a decent product. Makes no sense to waste money on junk just because it’s cheaper. And due to mandates, many expenses must be accepted.

            This 2% cap is going to be horrible for schools unless Albany cuts the mandates NOW.

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