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Group Plans Town Board Suit

Flag over Main Street

In a fitting tribute to Flag Day, the national celebration that commemorates the adoption of the stars and stripes as the official banner of the Revolution, more than fifty Huntington residents gathered in the VFW Hall last night to hear plans about a lawsuit soon to be filed by The Greater Huntington Civic Group against the Huntington Town Board.

Citing their rights under Article 78 of the New York Civil Practice Law, Civic Group spokesman and president Steven Spucces said that the Town Board has “over-stepped its authority” by approving the recently passed zoning change for the proposed Avalon Bay development on East 5th Street in Huntington Station.  Spucces also said that the Avalon Bay proposal is too dense and is the “wrong project, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons.”

Unwilling to reveal the details of the suit, Spucces also declined to identify the Group’s legal counsel but told the gathering that the Town Board is banking on the fact that the association has limited financial resources. That brought a passionate reaction from the audience who spent considerable time recommending fund raising campaigns and volunteering to enlist friends and neighbors for the grass-roots effort.

Offering further support for the emerging backlash against last week’s Town Board decision, conference participant Jennifer LaVertu , an outspoken critic of the Town’s current administration, cited recent information from New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announcing the launch of the Suffolk County branch of his Public Integrity Bureau.  The new office, which opened its doors in Hauppauge on June 13, is charged with the responsibility of investigating complains about public officials and employees. After LaVitru’s announcement, Spucces was quick to add that there is no inference of public corruption in LaVirtu’s statement.

When asked to summarize The Greater Huntington Civic Group’s primary objective, Spucces said that they are energetic to “restore checks and balances to local government.”  Spucces also observed that there are many small civic associations in the Town and that The Greater Huntington Civic Group is reaching out to them in an effort to coalesce many small factions into a single cohesive, consortium.  “The problem is in Huntington Station today” but it might be in Greenlawn or East Northport next year, he continued.  “We have to work together.”

Spucces is planning monthly meetings and is vigorously seeking additional members.

Historical Footnote:  Flag Day was created by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777. The United States Army also celebrates the Army Birthday on this date.  Congress created the American Continental Army after reaching a consensus position in the Committee of the Whole on June 14, 1775

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8 comments to Group Plans Town Board Suit

  • Marshall Field

    Most of the people at the meeting I hear are leaders in their communities. They have a large following. I also hear that other law suits may be launched by people who are fed up with the seemly constant dumping of high density housing in Huntington Station. There are also many rumblings of discontent and anger at a town board and supervisor who are in the proccess of downzoning more single family houses into two family houses and accessory apartments on small plots of land. This will destroy the quality of life for thousands and put extreme pressure on middleclass and working class neighborhoods and their school districts. The single family homeowner gets taxed more so that those who homes are now rentals can bring in the money for themselves. Slumlords love Petrone and Petrone loves them.
    Time is now for all school districts to sue this town for destroying their taxbase while the town brings in money for their fund from rentals.

  • Great job

    Best of luck to the GHCG. We need something like this here and now. Thank You for getting it started.

  • Its about time,the board has too much power.We need to keep Huntington a TOWN and not become a city.Good Luck and I am sure others will join your suit.Down zoning should be stopped.

    • marita eybergen

      Yeah I agree, lowering the property size to 50′ is crazy. I have seen my area go from nice size yards to city size yards. It is looking like queens. Stop the town from letting them to down size in H/S. I bet you in Dix Hills and any other part of Huntington it is still one acre min. People will rent every part of the house if they lower the property size and where will everyone park. The streets are crowded already with the illegal housing and all their tenants. Turn Columbia street into a parking lot it would be better that a 16 unit house. I happen to like it looking very empty keep it as open space. What kind of people would want to live there anyway, you will end up with the same problems as Church street. Better yet, why don’ they make a Police Annex, I am sure that it would be a busy place. Yeah good idea “A POLICE ANNEX”

  • GHCG

    Anyone interested in joining us please sign up online at

  • Anonymous

    Can we add the Columbia St and Lowndes Ave 16 unit housing project on less than 3/4 of an acre to the lawsuit? Don Pias was paid top dollar and above market value by the Town of Huntington for the 3 houses he owned on that land that were demolished.There are plenty of available homes in that area for sale. There is no need for more housing!!!

  • Anonymous

    There was an investigation by the NYS AG’s office that was conducted off Long Island. They were given documents and data and had evidence of wrong doing in the Town of Huntington concerning affordable housing and downzoning policies by the town government.They had come to the conclusion that there was enough evidence to pass this information higher up for another thorough investigation.When the Long Island branch of the NYS AG’s office found out about it the investigation was stopped. This just reaffirms one’s cynic view of government.

  • Epenetus Platt

    I ask all that are engaged to stay such and to gather others to do so as well, we march forward to take back our town, together.

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