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Conte Helps to Pass Sweeping Ethics Reform

Jim Conte

From the Desk of  Jim Conte:

Assemblyman Jim Conte (R,I,C,WF- Huntington Station) tonight helped to pass the Public Integrity Act of 2011, which is being touted as the strongest ethics bill enacted in years. Assemblyman Conte is a co-sponsor of the legislation.

“This legislation will help bring needed reform to state government and represents an important step in changing the culture of corruption in Albany,” Conte said. “By enhancing financial oversight, implementing new restrictions on donations, creating a joint Commission on Public Ethics, and implementing strict penalties for those who betray the public trust, this bill will go a long way toward restoring accountability in Albany and more importantly the public’s trust in their state government.”

Assemblyman Conte noted that the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 will enhance transparency and accountability in Albany by:

* Stripping pensions from public officials who are convicted of a

felony related to official duties;

* Increasing penalties for violating the Code of Ethics;

* Establishing Project Sunlight to increase transparency throughout

state government;

* Expanding the definition of “lobbying” to enhance disclosure


* Enhancing the enforcement of the “gift ban”; and

* Increasing the number of financial disclosures.

“For years Long Island taxpayers and a majority of lawmakers have called for tougher ethics laws. While this bill will not solve all of Albany’s problems, it is an overdue step to change the political culture in Albany and will help restore the public’s trust in state government.”

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5 comments to Conte Helps to Pass Sweeping Ethics Reform

  • Oh really?

    Conte “helped” pass ethics reform? Jim Conte? The minority Assembly member? That’s funny – I thought the Democrats controlled that chamber…

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Jimmy, This is long overdue and is a huge step to real reform in Albany. Well done!

  • Oh Please!

    The guy has been in office like over 20 years and what has he really accomplished in that time? Talk is cheap and in all those years I haven’t seen any stellar legislation from him! Another career politician feeding off the public trough!

  • It's about time!!!!

    WOW!something has been done. Since you are on a roll, lets get a strong bill that stops all these illegal people from coming here. Ship back all the illegals. They must come to this country the legal way or not at all. Schools and taxpayers can’t and won’t foot the bills any longer. They bring gangs, illegal housing and many other things. If they paid taxes and their far share is one thing, but they dont.

  • Term Limits

    The Senate and Assembly need to be term limited.

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