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Huntington Town Board Approves Avalon Bay Rezoning Change in Density Will Allow 379-Unit Housing Project to Proceed

Recent Avalon Bay protesters outside of Town Hall

The Town of Huntington issued this release which covers the main topics from last night’s board meeting:

Huntington, NY – The Huntington Town Board, at its June 6 meeting, approved the rezoning of a 26-acre parcel in Huntington Station on which Avalon Bay Communities seeks to build a 379-unit housing development.

In a proposal filed with the Town in February, Avalon Bay asked to have the property on East Fifth Street rezoned from its current R-7 Residence District classification, which would allow construction of 109 single family homes, to R-3M Garden Apartment District, which would allow construction of the 379-unit, combination of rental and owner-occupied housing project. As required by Town code, 54 of the units – 20 percent of the increase — will be set aside as affordable.

“Avalon Bay’s proposal will benefit all Town residents, furthering Huntington Station’s revitalization and providing housing options that will allow our children entering the workforce and our elderly looking to downsize to remain in our community,” said Supervisor Frank P. Petrone, who sponsored the resolution with Councilwoman Glenda Jackson.

“This project will address the need for housing, stimulate economic development within the community and create local job opportunities,” Councilwoman Jackson said. “Avalon Bay has shown a willingness to work with the Town, and I look forward to continuing to work with the company in addressing community concerns as the project advances.”

The vote on the rezoning was 4-1, with Council Members Mark Cuthbertson and Susan Berland joining the majority, and follows by less than a week unanimous approval from the Suffolk County Planning Commission. The lone opposing vote was cast by Councilman Mark Mayoka.

Avalon Bay’s next step is to submit plans to the Town Planning Department for review.

In other action, the Town Board:

— approved an amendment to the Town Code that would impose new regulations on applications for free-standing convenience markets in the Town. The proposal follows a study conducted by the Town’s Planning Department of numerous convenience markets in the Town, evaluating parking and loading requirements during peak traffic hours. The study concluded that convenience markets generate more customers per hour during morning peak hours when compared to other retail uses. The study also concluded that while convenience markets located in shopping centers appeared to have sufficient parking and areas for on-site loading, freestanding markets did not. As a result, the study found, the insufficient parking and loading areas often resulted in those activities spilling over into adjacent residential areas, detracting from the quality of life in those neighborhoods. The study also concluded that the insufficiencies produce traffic circulation issues that create safety concerns for pedestrians.

— approved the rezoning of a parcel at the intersection of route 25A and Centershore Road to allow Hilltop Homes to construct up to nine townhouse-style condominium units in two buildings.

— appointed Kenneth F. Lindahl Jr. as the Director of Public Safety, replacing Bruce Richard, who retired.

— authorized amending the agreement with the Long Island Agricultural Network, which oversees programming at the Town’s two community gardens, to allow operation of a farm stand offering for sale produce grown at the gardens. The money generated from those sales will help support unfunded programming at the gardens, such as education of children and adults in community gardening techniques and nutrition, and the purchase of seeds, seedlings and other garden materials.

— authorized a contract with Swift Reach Networks to implement a centralized emergency notification system to communicate information to residents in emergencies.

— appropriated money from the Environmental Open Space and Park Improvement Fund (EOSPA) for various projects, including installation of a traffic signal at the entrance to the newly-rebuilt Sunshine Acres Park in Commack ($115,000), replacement of a deteriorated concrete retaining wall and installation of a security fence at Gateway Park ($350,000) and rehabilitation and reconstruction of volleyball, handball and basketball courts at Veterans Park in East Northport ($140,000).

— appropriated $360,000 from the Snow and Ice Removal Reserve Fund to remove sand and salt from the Town’s catch basins to prevent environmental and flooding damage. The sand and salt accumulated as a result of last winter’s storms.

— directed the Town’s Chief Sustainability Officer to undertake a long-range energy efficiency and capital investment plan for the Town and authorized hiring Collaborative Energy Group to help prepare the plan.

— authorized creation of a Cemetery Stewards Program, similar to the Town’s Park Stewards Program, in which volunteers will keep the Town apprised of conditions at the 60 historic cemeteries in the Town that have no custodian or entity responsible for their maintenance.

— designated the playground at John Walsh Park to be named in memory of Ann Pabo and her son Connelle.

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20 comments to Huntington Town Board Approves Avalon Bay Rezoning Change in Density Will Allow 379-Unit Housing Project to Proceed

  • Epenetus Platt

    Wundaboy, we the people by the thousands said no, to that end we will take all action necessary!

    • wundaboy

      Typically, in town hall situations like this, those that oppose an issue tend to have the most passion and make the most noise giving the false impression that they represent “the people” and are the most righteous. In reality, most residents of Huntington support the Avalon Bay project because it is simply good, progressive governmet to provide decent, affordable housing, jobs and rehabilitation for Huntington Station. Avalon Bay will be built.

      • @wundaboy

        Are you ok with the lying, cheating and payoffs it took to make this project happen? Remember it could soon be coming to a neighborhood like yours. Please quote me the prices of the units before you call it affordable. Lets see how informed you really are.

  • Bill Norton

    Vote them out in Nov. and recind any permits that may be in the works. We can stall it for that long.

  • What a mess

    The people of this town have been played by town hall. They knew when it was voted down last time they were going to approve it. What an insult to the people of Huntington. I am a lifelong democrat but will now vote out all the “democrats” on this town board. I hope they were paid generously for their betrayal.

  • Lauren

    I presume there were more payoff to TH this time. Cuthberson even said he didn’t care what the school board said this time. They are a disgrace. Vote them out!!

  • Night Owl

    Other school districts may follow in joining the lawsuit. Petrone’s regime has never been friendly toward school districts. His housing agenda has been to help real estate interests make large sums of money. At the same time affordable housing zealots get what they want. The school district gets more kids but less tax revenue for them. Petrone has scolded the school districts while at the same time increasing the population in them without expanding the tax base. This means for all the apartments and accessory apartments in single family houses, houses are still taxed as single family thereby helping the landlord. Any increase of government/school cost is paid by single family homeowners without apartments. Those with accessory apartments just raise the rent.

  • And beware.....

    The Town Board’s next move is to reduce the frontage to 50 feet so more people can put accessory apartments in their homes. Glenda Jackson and Susan Berland both support it.

  • uprising

    I know plenty people that will drive the dems out of town if they pass that. Berland lives in Dix Hills a house is at least 100-150′ away from their neighbors an accessory apartment doesn’t affect them like it does if your neighbor’s house is only 20′ away and even much less and they have an accessory apartment right on top of you. Jackson lives who knows where. This downzoning I hear is for a real estate co. who owns many houses with less than 70′ across front yard. School districts all across this town should revolt and so should taxpayers.

  • michael j

    vote breland and jackson OUT, they have never had huntingtons best interest
    lets put all the New avalon in dix hills, cold spring harbor,northport, I BELEIVE THEY NEED MORE DIVERSITY

  • Night Owl

    Wundaboy -Quote “Typically, in town hall situations like this, those that oppose an issue tend to have the most passion and make the most noise giving the false impression that they represent “the people” and are the most righteous. In reality, most residents of Huntington support the Avalon Bay project because it is simply good, progressive governmet to provide decent, affordable housing, jobs and rehabilitation for Huntington Station. Avalon Bay will be built.”

    Wundaboy not so wonderful. Just a radical leftist progressive. Progressives on Long Island are usually those who are elitists and believe in some sort of socialism.

    Here is the telling reason why not just developers/builders are Huntington’s problem but also people and organizations that are far left and prgrossive in their political beliefs. They believe in socialization and they believe in bigger government and they believe in higher taxes and they have compassion not for the legal residents of Huntington but of those here illegally.Those who have broken laws. Those who have committed violent crimes,sell drugs,don’t pay taxes etc.Progressives believe in the redistribution of wealth ” your wealth not theirs”

    Wundaboy is one of those progressive housing leftist radicals who wants to impose his views on how we must live on the rest of us why he lives nowhere near Huntington Station and quite comfortably.

    • Wundaboy

      Nightowl: At 3:12am you drew all those conclusions, including where I live and my economic status, from my brief comments? I’m really impressed. I’m glad I was able to provide you with a springboard to rant about your irrational anger towards immigrants and the poor. Now take your medication(s), lay your undereducated head on your pillow and try to go back to sleep and dream of your heroes, Senator Joseph McCarthy and Sara Palin.

  • Anonymous

    Progressives believe in redistributing wealth in the community

    They believe in social justice as opposed to indvidual justice

    They want whats best for the commune not the person

    Wealth is to be despised

    • wundaboy

      Sorry Anonymous, you are confusing progressives, communists and socialists. I don’t want to redistribute my wealth, only yours.

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