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Cook, Morrow Score Town Board Nods at GOP Convention

Last night at the Thatched Cottage in Centerport, the Huntington Republican Committee held their convention, nominating their candidates for town wide election.

Huntington Republican Chair Toni Tepe

The ticket is headlined by Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia running for re-election. Huntington Bay Mayor Herb Morrow and Eugene Cook will run for Town Board seats, while Robert Conte will vie for Esther Bivona’s position as Reciever of Taxes. Running for district court justice will be Gigi Spellman.

Leading off the night, interestingly enough was a full roll call proposed by Herb Smith. A quorum was found to be present.

Toni Tepe, Huntington Republican Chairman then reflected on the process, “this has been a very, very, long process that started back in February, and I must tell you that the Huntington Republican Committee was very blessed with the number of individuals that came forth to show interest in the need and the want to run for office and represent the Republican Party.”

In a speech provided by Carol Dunaghy on behalf of Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia, Mrs. Dunaghy said, “I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for receiving the republican nomination for the position of Town Clerk.”. Mrs. Raia could not attend in person due to tonight’s town board meeting.

Herb Morrow

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Morrow stated, “I’m running this year, because I do love this town, it’s our home, and I think this town is in trouble. We’re at a point where we need to decide whether our suburban community will stay that way, or whether it will become so over-saturated that it looks like Queens or parts of Nassau County.”

Gene Cook

Mr. Cook, addressing the crowd noted, “I promise that I will run a strong campaign for you that you will be proud of, one that proves that the Republican values are what the people of Huntington really want in our town officials.”

Mr. Conte stated in his acceptance speech, “When I started this process, I told Toni, that we needed the best two candidates possible, because I know what this election means to our town, and I am aware that Herb Morrow and Gene Cook are the best two candidates out there.”

Dennis Garetano

In his first speech since receiving the nomination to run against Lou D’Amaro, Dennis Garetano said, “In 1999, we said wake up Huntington, wake up sleeping giant, now it’s being said across the country.”, before continuing, “In 2009, we said 5-0 must go, we now have 4-1, we need 3-2.”

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23 comments to Cook, Morrow Score Town Board Nods at GOP Convention

  • They beat up seniors!

    Frank Petrone calling the cops on that old man and having the cops beat the crap out of him. If this is our governemnet we are in serious trouble.

  • Epenetus Platt

    If we do not resolve this in November, we may have to take other action.

  • Anonymous

    Liz black closed a school . vote her out of every office.

  • Anonymous

    Vote Black out. School Closings=unequal representation

  • Anonymous

    Great, now we have that jerk of a mayor from Huntington Bay running for town board.

    • What?

      Herb is a kind, fiscally responsible, and generally brilliant guy. If you have evidence to the contrary – something that would imply that he is a “jerk” – please share or keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Morrow + Cook = Jackson & Berland. This is the best the GOP could do? The Mayor of Lake Halesite and a guy that paves parking lots?

  • Anonymous

    The problem with the Huntington Republican Party is that the average age is 91 with one foot in either the grave or the nursing home the place even has the nasty nursing home smell.

  • Thefightinghasstarted

    Cook and Morrow barely civil to each other. Morrow outraged the Tea Party will only work for Cook. Tea Party has volunteers knocking on doors to get Cook the Independence Party Line. Huntington can expect another nasty summer of screaming shouting on the street with Cook and his scary sign caring friends.

  • Confused Republican

    I want an explanation why out of five nominations only 2 are Republicans? This is disgraceful. Plus the 3 non republicans have all run before and lost big time. As a Republican I am outraged that we are not endorsing and supporting our own.

    • @Confused Republican

      Get used to being a member of the Huntington loser partry. One year the Republicans endorsed a Democract, Tracy Edwards, for Town Board. If she had run as a Democract she would have won and be sitting on town board right now. Running on the Republican ticket was the kiss of death for her and she lost big time.

  • Two Sign Clowns

    Had lots of play dates and in driving around Huntington, Centerport, Northport, East Northport, Melville every road has COOK MORROW signs all. Curious I drove up to Huntington Bay and NOT ONE UGLY COOK MORROW SIGN IN HUNTINGTON BAY. It is only June and we have to look at their blighted signs for the next 5 months.

  • Reality Check

    Village Tattler may need to be renamed Viv’s Tales. You’ve lost it! You’re hurling so much mud right now its sad.

  • Night Owl

    I hear over at the Patch things generally favor the town board and Petrone because a Dem owns the thing.

    If the Petrone rinos really think they can break up the Republican party they are sadly mistaken.

    No matter how much money Frank Petrone puts into dividing Republicans so many people now hate what he has been doing to the town.

    There are as many Democrats as Republicans who dislike Petrone. Many of the Anti-Avalon Bay protestors are Democrats. Many dems are finding out the hard way Petrone hijacked their party for the good of the developers and builders and brokers.

    Look for Petrone to lose much of his power in a couple of months. Destroying a town’s tax base with constant downzoning will eventually do him and his cabal in.

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