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The Ruineers are Voting today?

Tonight the Ruineers vote! Listen to what they are voting on!

This is a follow up on Huntington POV: The Four Ruineers from April 17th 2011

See what Avalon did in Roselle Park NJ. Avalon in our Community will do the same thing as they do everywhere. They will not be good neighbors see what they did to Roselle Park. Cheating the School district out of the proper taxes, lying about how many school children will come to the district! Roselle was ONLY short $225,000 and they are trying to stop Avalon, Huntington maybe $2-3 Million short! What do you think? TOWN HALL MEETING STARTS AT 7PM TONIGHT!

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4 comments to The Ruineers are Voting today?

  • Opposed from the beginning

    Once Avalon got it’s foot in the door in Roselle Park it turned around and sued the Town, demanded to be placed on a PILOT because they needed more profit margin.


    I can almost write this story before it unfolds. Sadly all I get to say is “I told you so” I can’t wait to get some Town Hall represenatives who actually represent the people instead of the all mighty dollar.

  • This is a joke

    That’s all we can do. They are gonna shove this in no matter how the residents feel about it. Quality of life and education mean nothing to our current town board as they do not live in the Station nor have children in sd 3. Remember this in the fall and do the right thing by voting Dem out. The little farce Berland is playing does not fool me at all. If you are not part of the solution, than you are part of the problem.

  • Night Owl

    I was there what a disgrace. All the Petrone Dems voted for it with their few supporters deriding the majority of people against it. It was ugly. Petrone and Cuthbertson berating the anti-avalon bay people and even had an old man arrested even though he was walking out of the building.A police officer kept pushing him up the stairs and then he said he was going but the officer still pushed him. The old man pushed back and thats when several cops pushed him into the rear back doors which were closed. The progressives and developers cheered. Mark Mayoka was the only sensible and calm one on the town board as he stated why the development should not be built. There will be a lawsuit by the school district and local civic groups. Most people I spoke to were disgruntled Democrats who felt Supervisor Petrone has ruined the Democrat Party in town with his penchant for supporting developers and high density housing. This will be Petrone’s legacy, enough cops to arrest old an old man against higher density housing but not enough cops to keep us safe in Huntington with all the violent crime.

  • Epenetus Platt

    If we do not resolve this in November, we may have to take other action.

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