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Splitzville for Rep. Israel and Wife?

Sources close to VILLAGE TATTLER have confirmed that U.S. Representative Steve Israel (NY – 2) and his wife are heading to divorce court.  Divorce rumors began to fly when Representative Israel put his Dix Hills home up for sale in the middle of his heated campaign against Long Island businessman John Gomez.

The TATTLER will give you more as the story unfolds.

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9 comments to Splitzville for Rep. Israel and Wife?

  • Mad At Steve

    If only these people would have listened to me in the fall, we would have a man like John Gomez representing us and not a craven, serial wife-cheater!

  • Anonymous

    and this is our business why???

  • Steve's done

    People around here need to wise up…Gomez should be in office not Israel the ObamaCare lover. Hopefully, next time around we will kick him out of our lives like his spouse .

  • night owl

    Why it does reflect on his character as to the reason why they will divorce, more importantly I would like to know why Congressman Steve Israel accepted thousands of dollars for his re election campaign fund from a man who was tried and convicted in federal court of endangering American national security. The person was convicted of trying to sell jet engine parts to Islamist Fascist Iran via Eastern Europe. The congressman has never owned up to this fact and has kept the money.

  • Karen

    And, this same Steve Israel, who fathered a baby with an Intern while still married to his wife, is leading the Congressional Ethics Violations committee against Anthony Weiner who disgraced his position as Politician. How hypcritical!

  • Does anybody have proof? Or at least the mother’s name? I haven’t been able to find anything to even start an investigation?

  • Chas

    Well, don’t expect the mainstream media to expose him, either.

  • Chris

    The Lid, Concerning Steve. It is a horrible lying rumor. I know the women in question. The Aide has been married since 2009. It is her and her husband’s child. People still running this rumor ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  • Character Flaw

    Here’s Steve Israel supporting cuts to medicare

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