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About Last Night….

The Republican slate of County Candidates


Last night at the Suffolk Republican Convention in Hauppauge, the Republicans picked their nominees for the 16th, 17th, and 18th Legislative Districts.

18th LD Nominee Liz Black

In the 18th District, Huntington School Board Member Elizabeth Black was given the nod in a wide open field of potential nominees. Mrs. Black will now face off against Dr. William Spencer for the position that will be vacated by Jon Cooper due to term limitations.

“I’m very pround and honored to be the designee for the 18th legislative district,” Elizabeth Black to the TATTLER. “I’m going to work very hard to get out to the district and meet as many people as possible. I have a lot of volunteers that are going to help me along the way, and I appreciate every one of them for helping to get me this far. And I thank them and my family for the help they given me to help me get this far.”

In the 16th district, Deborah Poulos was tapped to run. She will be running against incumbent Steve Stern. Unfortunately, Ms. Poulos could not be reached for comment, as she is currently out of town.

In the 17th district, Dennis Garetano was nominated. He will be opposing incumbent Lou D’Amaro, whom he faced for the seat in 2005. Mr. Garetano could not be reached for comment as he was out of the country.

Huntington Republican Chair Toni Tepe motions to nominate Huntington Candidates

When asked to comment on the ticket that has been assembled in Huntington for this year’s county races, Huntington Republican chairwoman Toni Tepe said, “I think that we’ve had the opportunity to form a great ticket. We have three competent, qualified candidates to run for three seats in Huntington.”

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19 comments to About Last Night….

  • Really?

    Just because Spencer is soft-spoken does not make the man without extraordinary intelligence. He is a surgeon by the way!

    Meanwhile, the Republicans put up Liz Black who actively worked to close a school in Huntington? Recent BOE elections show her opinion is not the popular one. What has she brought to the table other than the closure of this school?

    I think Spencer is certainly the next Leg in the 18th.

  • Absit Invidia

    Looks like the election is over before it starts!

  • Anonymous

    I guess the republican party has to endorse someone?!?!? She is caught up in less divisive mudslinging than the others, so I guess that may win her 2 or 3 votes

  • Chandler Bing

    If this wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. I once went into the Republican offices (once I found them off the road) to consider helping out and I thought I stepped through a time warp. I now know where my elementary school lunch ladies wound up at. I ran away and never looked back. Maybe the next rapture for Oct. 21st will spare us all . . .

  • Is this some kind of joke

    She is not in tune with this township and holds no constituent base! As a republican myself, I am in shock. This is the worst person ever selected for a public office in this township. I guess they really didn’t have any quality candidates.

  • Anonymous

    Well I will be voting for Black and we convince people that she is great.

  • Disagree

    I hope that people’s children DO NOT read the nastiness that goes on between adults…and I wish the adults would start acting like…adults. It’s one thing to “mudsling” on issues—a whole other thing to attack someone’s personal character. We should aspire to be better than what “just is” for our kids and our community. We are all families that see each other in schools, stores, movie theaters etc. Being decent should be rule #1.

  • Petroned

    Nearly two weeks ago late in the evening there were numerous police and canine units in the vicinity of 1st ave and 11th street off of Depot road. This was near St. Hugh’s. Some people report that a shooting took place and others have said that a person was killed. Because of the enormous impack a crime like this can be on a community and on the very project that the politicians like Petrone want “Avalon Bay” was there a coverup by police and media and some politicians so there wouldn’t be a backlash against Avalon Bay being built ? Something definitely happened yet no reports by authorities. Why ?

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