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Mets owner Fred Wilpon

Monday night, reported that N.Y. Mets’ principal owner Fred Wilpon blasted New York Mets stars Carlos Beltran, David Wright, and Jose Reyes in the New Yorker magazine.

In the article designed to tell Wilson’s rags to riches tale, Wilpon lambasted Reyes’ and Beltran’s value, noting the two players tendencies for being injury prone.  He also tossed a jab at five-time All-Star David Wright, backhanding the Mets third baseman, calling him “a nice guy and a good player, but not a superstar.”

A long time diehard Mets fan, I was personally left scratching my head after the comments made about the three players who alongside injured starting pitcher Johan Santana, could be considered the core of the current club.

Coming off the heels of additional news that the Mets were intending on slashing payroll 30 percent for the 2012 season and were considered to be “bleeding money” with an anticipated net loss of $70 million dollars this season, I was befuddled as to how trashing your biggest stars was going to draw disillusioned fans like myself to the gates this year.

Interested to see if I was alone in my frustrations towards the Mets, I decided to take to local sports bars in the Huntington area to see what people had to say about Fred Wilpon’s latest PR flub:

Tom Pryor, a Yankee fan whom I interviewed at Checkers Café in Huntington Station, seemed to think that Wilpon was not fit to own the team. “I think Charles Wang should buy the team,” he said.

Many of the local sports fans I spoke to however, feel that the controversy is overblown.

At Rookie’s in Huntington Village, Roger Mormon said, “I don’t think the comments are that bad.”

Dan Lux, a Mets fan also at Rookie’s sympathized with Mr. Wilpon, saying, “He’s willing to spend the money to make the Mets good, now they don’t have the money to spend.” His friend, who went by the name of Peanut, stated, “He’s pissed off…he could be out $1 Billion dollars…he’s getting cranky.”

Doug Mayer, a diehard Mets’ fan whom I talked to at Checkers, felt the situation was overblown and over-hyped, commenting, “My first reaction was that I couldn’t believe it was a big a deal as it was, as this was something [George] Steinbrenner did weekly.” Mr. Mayer also added that “it’s his money, and he is entitled to his opinion.”

You can voice your opinion on the matter in the poll below.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at both Rookie’s in Huntington Village and Checkers Café in Huntington Station for their assistance in acquiring comments in this article.

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  • There's a method...

    David Wright has been the “Face of the Mets” for years now, even though he’s still in his twenties. He’s always presented a positive attitude, never garnered negative press, played when hurt, toed the company line, and been a hero to untold numbers of kids (and, I dare say, adults too). For that, Wright is publicly slammed by the owner he’s bent over backwards to protect (and has a back fracture to prove it; pun intended) and STILL manages to take the high road in his reaction!!! Fred Wilpon and his arrogant offspring Jeff are greedy, incompetent, self-serving megalomaniacs who are now focused solely on saving their own skin and have NEVER had the best interests of the New York Mets at heart. Do everyone a favor, Fred, SELL THE METS!

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