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Angie Carpenter First Female County Exec Nominee…

ANGIE … ANGIE … ANGIE … the clouds have all disappeared….

It looks like Democrat Steve Bellone will be facing veteran Suffolk County power-house Angie Carpenter for County Executive.

Touting her experience as a business-woman in the private sector, a decade in the County Legislature, and more recently her years as County Treasurer, Angie Carpenter will be going toe-to-toe with Babylon Supervisor Steve Bellone.

John Gomez

Today, Angie Carpenter, who has never lost a political race, is one of the most powerful women in Suffolk County politics. If Angie gets both the Republican and Conservative lines, she could very well go on to defeat her Democratic challenger and become the first and only woman to hold the highest office in Suffolk County.

It’s ironic how the Democrats always claim to have the “market” on woman’s fight for equality – yet the Republicans in Suffolk will be the first to have a woman run for County Executive. Angie is strong, determined, and a tested campaigner.

TATTLER UPDATE:  Since originally posted, Angie Carpenter has received both the Republican and Conservative line for her run for County Executive.  Read more.

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