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Spencer, D’Amaro, Stern Tapped to Run for County Legislature

Last night at the IBEW Hall in Hauppauge, Dr. William Spencer received the Democratic Nomination in the race to see who will succeed Majority Leader Jon Cooper in representing legislative district 18 at the Suffolk County Democratic Convention.

Committee members of the Democratic Party threw their votes behind Dr.S

Dr. William Spencer (Photo: Mike Adam)

pencer, former head of the Huntington Housing Authority,

who won a vote in what became a two way race between himself and local businessman Steve Rossetti with a vote count of 6,324 to 3,016 with voting being weighted by the number of votes that Andrew Cuomo received for governor on the Democratic line in 2010.

Democratic Activist James Kelly was also in the running, however elected to drop his nomination before the vote, citing a lack of support, according to county chairperson Richard Schaeffer in a brief speech made to LD 18 committee members before the vote. Sitting 18th district legislator Jon Cooper cannot run again due to a 12-year term limit on Suffolk County Legislative posts.

When asked for comment Dr. Spencer stated, “I am pleased that the party has selected me as the nominee. I realize there is important work to be done and so I realize that we face significant challenges with our economy and jobs, and that we need strong leadership with our legislature. I feel that as someone who loves this community, I look forward to working with everyone.”

When asked for comment after the vote, Mr. Rossetti said, “I would like to thank all of the Democratic Committee people who came out tonight in such adverse weather conditions to support me at the Suffolk County Democratic convention, and for also allowing me to be a part of this very important process.” He added, “Although this process is important to the inner circle, it is my belief that it is very undemocratic to allow a small number of insiders to make a decision for the thousands of voters in the 18th Legislative District.”

Suffolk County Legislator Jon Cooper

When asked for his opinion on his hopeful successor, Legislator Jon Cooper (D-Huntington) opined, “Doc Spencer is a very good friend of mine. His views on all major issues dovetail with my views, his priorities are the same as my priorities”. Mr. Cooper added that, he was confident that Dr. Spencer would win and that he would “follow in my footsteps and fight the battles I have been fighting for the past twelve years.”

In other Huntington-area Suffolk legislative races, Steve Stern will run on the Democratic Ticket in District 16, while Lou D’Amaro will run in District 17. Both candidates are the incumbents in their respective races.

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1 comment to Spencer, D’Amaro, Stern Tapped to Run for County Legislature

  • Jon Cooper you will be missed, so missed…
    Thank God we do have a wonderful person,
    Doc Spencer, taking your seat.
    I met him at L.I.Fed of Labor / interviews.
    I and all of us could have listen to him speak
    all day.
    Made a huge impack on all of us.
    Can’t wait to vote !!!!!

    Be well Jon,
    Nancy Ventimiglia

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