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  • Secede Now!

    The residents who live north of 25A pay over 75% of the HUFSD’s bills and have to put up with crappy overcrowded schools, long bus rides for the kids and potentially reopening a school where a kid was shot last summer. The BOE composition is changed because illegal aliens were brought to the polling station vanloads at a time by the newly elected candidates. Time to pull our kids and tax dollars out of this mess and let Spector and Sanin finance their own utopia rather than doing it on someone else’s dime. HUFSD3 will be split as a result of the election shenanigans.


    What a repulsive comment. People who are illegal CANNOT vote. There were no busloads of non-citizens!!! Learn election law before you spew such hatred. Gross.

  • Please Secede ASAP

    WOW! So good to see that racism and classism are alive & kickin’ in the Bay. Good riddance to you! TOOL!

  • Anonymous

    @ secede now

    I wish you would secede….

  • Anonymous

    illegal aliens do not have voting power. please learn the process and learn to play nice because the majority of this community has spoken and kicked your a**. if you dont want to live in this community then move forward with your life. best of luck to you !

  • Secede Now!

    Uh oh, here’s a photo of candidate Spector shuttling a load of voters to the polls. By the way, all you gotta prove is residency in order to vote, not legal residency. Better take another look at those election rules:

    • Wah, Wah...

      He’s sitting in his car. I don’t see “a load of voters” in this photo. Have you pulled your kids out of the district yet? Contacted a real estate agent? Hurry, get moving!!!!

    • Pathetic

      LOLOL….Secede are truly pathetic…..and you wonder why the town voted the way it did……THEY DONT AGREE WITH YOU! GET OVER IT!!!!

  • Anne

    Residents north of 25A have children attending 3 of 4 elementary schools, that’s 75% of the “corner schools”. Add to that all the people who live south of 25A and pay very high taxes I do as do many people who live south of 25A. Teachers are working extremely hard to educate our children in very crowded situations and I think we can moan and complain or help them out. We have many very dedicated teachers. We each need to make a choice for what we personally are going to do for our town. I hope that every person who wanted to vote was able to. Huntington High is harder to get to if you don’t have a car and it’s pouring rain.

  • What???

    That picture shows Adam sitting in a truck that says vote spector. OF COURSE it is a good thing that he or anyone else drove a few people to the polls. I drove a disabled friend and two elderly neighbors who desperately wanted to vote. Should they be excluded from the process of voting? This is AMERICA-nobody’s voice or vote is more important than anothers. I assure you nobody was carting hundreds of folks to the polls. The outcome demonstrates what the bulk of this community wants-which has been clear to most of us all year long!

  • oh my

    well if Huntington High is too hard to get to when it’s raining and you need a car then why would we support a “walkable community” called Avalon Bay?

  • ???

    Aren’t we talking about the BOE here? Unless Avalon Bay is a new curricula, not sure how it applies to this article.

  • Urban

    Sounds like “Secede Now!” and backers would like a photo ID and a poll tax. I feel sorry for their children if they hear this hatred at home.

  • Anonymous

    even the teachers union felt compelled to bring voters to get the incumbent and his friends out. never in the history of this school district has an incumbent been voted out. was it really that bad?!?!?

  • concernedcitizen

    incumbents have been voted out in the past….you should do your research a little more carefully. Look back.

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