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DEAR VT EDITOR: Regulations and Wasted Fish

Hundreds of striped bass seen dead in the ocean.

Dear VT Editor,

I recently read a article a article of out rage over the dead striped bass found off the coast of North Carolina. The finders concluded they were the result of over harvesting beyond the regulatory limit, set by the North Carolina fisheries management and all the federal regulators .We have the same problem off Long Island with by catch.

The author suggested new regulations .He suggested or rather hinted stripers be considered as a game fish . As such the taking by gill net or dragger would be banned. and suggested only hook and line .Hook and line fishing would cause the price of fish to go thru the roof. Stripers are listed as food fish as such they are a important commercial fish.

Now the hidden culprit has to be discovered. Was it the fault of the commercial fishermen ? Remember it is him and many other people that are depended on the varied fishery for their lively hoods . From the fishermen to the fuel seller the ,ice company the trucker the whole sale the retailer and all those hired To name a few, along with the sales taxes and permits. The list goes on. All these wage makers will cease. Because a group of well healed recreational fishermen are out raged at the wasted fish .Not only stripers are wasted but there is a lot of other food fish that are wasted in the same manner .. Why use striped bass as a example?

Basically these fish are not wasted. As nature sees it, They become food for all the other denizens of the deep. Then who is to blame? The blame lies with those who believe that the resources exist for their sole pleasure.

The blame lies with zealous legislators eager to placate their constituents avarice against the commercial fishery. That it is greedily taking their fish and willfully wasting them..It is the rules and regulation of limitation to blame .

Had the fishermen taken their over harvested catch to port, they would have lost their entire catch, their boat, homes and lively hoods. So they made a common sense decision to dump the surplus. The complainers should put them selves in the captains shoes. Im sure that the captains would have loved to market the fish legally.

How many out there have heard about the point of diminishing returns? That when it costs more to achieve something than what it is worth. This should regulate the fishery. It regulated the fishery eons before the ivory tower pundits thought they know better than the laws of nature and economics. On the subject of economics I would like to note that with the price of fuel there will be far less recreational fishermen impacting on fish stocks . I wonder if management considers the present lower impact by rec. fisherman or will they use statistics that are two to three years old or more?

I fish for food not recreation.

Jim Henry
Cold Spring Harbor

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3 comments to DEAR VT EDITOR: Regulations and Wasted Fish

  • henry dam

    the name is henry dam not jim henry . thanks for printing article.

  • zxcvadf

    This is the most poorly written letter I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t have a clear point and is impossible to follow.

  • henry dam

    to zkcvadf pray tell how would you have written it? enlighten me.The point is the letter of the law caused the dumping of the surplus fish that exceeded the limitation set by the regulations. Passed by the zealous legislaturs on the complaints of the recreational fishers, eager to have striped bass declared a game fish.

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