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School Board, Budget, Up for Election at Huntington High School

Local citizens entering the polling place at Huntington High School (Photo Credit: Mike Tyminski)

This afternoon at Huntington High School, residents representing all demographics of the Huntington School District community convened to vote on both the school budget in addition to filling two positions on the Huntington School Board.

The budget, as proposed, represents a spending increase of .23 percent over last year’s budget, bringing the proposed 2011-2012 budget to $109 million. This budget would also carry a tax rate increase of 3.15 percent for residents of the school district.

When asked to comment, School Board member Richard McGrath proudly stated, “I’m going to predict the budget passes.”

Meanwhile in the school board race, five candidates: Sitting Board President Bill Dwyer, as well as challengers Jim Cahill, Jen Hebert, Adam Spector, and Susan Tully, are vying for two slots on the school board. Trustee Christine Bene decided not to run for re-election.

When asked for comment on his chances, Adam Spector stated that he was “hopeful for the results, and if I win I look forward to working with the Board of Education.”

School Board Candidate Adam Spector in the midst of shuttling voters to and from the polls. (Photo Credit: Mike Tyminski)

If there is one issue in particular that seems to be weighing on constituents’ minds, it’s the effect that the Abrams’ closure has had on the community over the last year.

Angel Gonzalez, of Huntington Station, mentioned a number of Issues he had with the current board, saying, “I want Jack Abrams [School] back, and I don’t think the cuts for Kindergarten are right for the kids.”  Gonzalez is concerned because his child sometimes has to sit with his books on his lap due to overcrowding at Woodhull.

Matt Harris, however, felt differently, commenting that “Jack Abrams [School] was not closed because of the Board of Education, but rather because the Town Board and its’ policies do not benefit School District #3.”

Nancy Levine, a Board Meeting regular, however, was mostly concerned with the divisiveness that the Abrams issue had brought to the community, noting that “Issues that have arisen have divided our school district, and that I hope the new Board of Education can unify to focus on not only education, but extraneous factors and the community as well.”

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10 comments to School Board, Budget, Up for Election at Huntington High School

  • So sad

    This was a great night for Don Pius, Frank Petrone, and the rest who profit over our demise. Lets watch this new crowd fight the good fight with Town Hall. The people have spoken loud and clear. We are treated differently, we are abused and we deserve it.

  • sad day indeed

    You know when you look at a neighborhood, that for some reason turns crime ridden and dangerous beyond repair, and you wonder what happened. This is what happened. I don’t think the redisents of SD 3 really understand the full story or the implications of what this vote did. I certainly hope I am wrong. I guess we can only wait and see.

  • @so happy

    Be sarcastic all you want, but we are all losers today. Open JAI but we will still be overcrowded. We are the only Sd in the town with increasing enrollment. Why do you think that is? The private school rate goes up every year, yet so does our enrollment. Why do you think that is? JAI will be opened, but none of the issues that got it closed in the first place will ever be addressed. Gloat all you want, but this is a sad day whether you realize it or not.

  • william

    hope they are up to fighting frank and company. frank is smiling right now.
    the school board has limited authority to start with the new crew of 2 there will be no to fighting petrone as he will push them around and continue to dump on the school system(avavlon bay ) there is no room for one more student let alone the alleged 63 -87 students proposed
    sorry to say
    hope i’m wrong

  • michael

    spectors the best we can do? boy are we in trouble

  • Ticket Sales

    I will be selling tickets outside of the BOE meetings to watch the new reality series Paci Vs Spector. This is now the chance to say “I told you so” in a few months and assurdly at budget crunch time next year.

  • My Town Too

    There are definitely some s*#t stirrers around here. That has to stop. If you hate this district so much then please move, we don’t need you here.

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