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Councilman Mayoka Reflects on the Death of Bin Laden

Councilman Mark Mayoka

As we approach the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks of September 11th, the day of worldwide epic commemoration occurred on May 1, 2011, when Osma Bin Laden was declared dead.

As a survivor of the September 11th World Trade Center disaster, a decade has passed… but the world was never the same and we, the survivors have never been able to find inner relief. The horrific memories of the attack on our homeland never disappeared. Families were never the same and still mourn their missing loved ones. Terrorists from the other side of the world made us, as Americans, question our resolve and security.

The death of Osma Bin Laden demonstrates the strength and perseverance of a country, in a world with extreme terrorists, who swore to never give up after being so vehemently attacked in our homeland.  This cathartic moment for the United States of America symbolizes our unity and strength.

It is now been ten years later, the towers are gone, the monuments are being built and the children of the victims are grown up. The fear of the unknown, the uncatchable has been eliminated and justice is finally served.  I know personally, I can go to sleep tonight with a sense of relief to know that my children are in a world that is finally a safer place to live.

I would like to thank President Obama and President Bush for having the determination and for never giving up, so that we may live with a little more peace in our hearts.

I would also like to thank our firefighters and police officers that serve us and our armed forces. Their sacrifice  has protected our lives and liberties. Those are the heroes that we need to be grateful for and thank today. God Bless the United States of America!

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