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Huntington POV: The Four Ruineers

The Avalonians are back....

Did you hear about the Town Board trying to jam Avalon Bay down our throat again? It’s a high density housing project that has 27 buildings and 379 residential units. It also has 1,274 parking spaces.

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28 comments to Huntington POV: The Four Ruineers

  • Cupcake

    Vote DAN FUCCI for town council!!

    Who made this??

  • @East Northport Resident

    Yes, I agree, have people check his resume. If he is so unqualified why is the regular guard so intimitaded by him? Remember the old play book is no longer going to work. Just because you say its so, doesn’t mean it is true. Stick to the issues, that is what people want. That is what Fucci has been doing and will continue to do. If he gets the nomination, the public will soon learn where he stands, just as the Republican party has. As far as Susan and Glenda gliding into positions again, that is most likely to happen if the party’s don’t pay attention to the new passion that is alive in SD 3 and the station. All the attacks on Fucci just gave him name recognition. The people who have benefited off the demise of Huntington Station do not want change. Fucci will bring that change.

    • East Northport Resident

      Could you provide a reason for him to be nominated? (FUCCI) We waited for Obama to get elected before we knew what he stood for too!!!.
      Huntington is not just about his neighborhood. What else does he stand for? What else has he done? What else does he want to do? I know he would support Berland if he doesn’t get the nomination, he said so himself. Does not sit well with me. I believe he said he would actively work on her campaign too. He’ll be busy!!

  • A Board with a Blind Eye

    I’m not seeking to point figures or post blame…just trying to get the facts straight (taking these issues to the board).

    1. Roads: For a project of this magnitude, the issue of not expanding the roads is a serious issue and highly damaging to the quality of life for the existing residents, many of whom escaped the cities traffic jams for the suburbs. With a mixture of town and county roads, a sufficient traffic study could not be performed. The traffic study numbers are way off. Why is the town board turning a blind eye on this?

    2. Schools: We have a school district laying off staff with unprecedented funding cuts, the projected student head count is way off not to mention the ratio of school taxes paid versus student expenses (e.g. lets say 380 units with an average 1 kid per unit at 15K cost per student (5.7 million) and an at best 2K school tax per unit (760K) yields a budget short fall of -4.94 million. Do we layoff more teachers? Double class sizes? How do we cover this budget gap? And worse…there are OTHER Avalon like projects planned for the same area…amplifying the school impact. Why is the town board turning a blind eye on this?

    3. Existing Oversupply of Housing: We have many apartment units in the town that are available aside of homes. Why the need to develop more? Especially such poorly built units (just ask the melville avalon residents).

    5. Precedence: The fact that this project was once rejected merely months ago, and by a developer who was rejected in other LI towns, why is this being fast tracked without the residents full consideration? Also…zoning laws implemented to prevent such rapid overdevelopment are being changed with little notice…and rapidly. Why is the town board turning a blind eye on this?

    6. False Impression of Quality of Live improvements: Some people (and for some reason they are low income housing people…which terrifies residents) are pushing the agenda that this project will improve the quality of life for town residents in an area stricken with strife. How? If these were houses or luxury townhouses I would believe that one…but not this project. So these people will not have the income to bring in new and improved stores…only more bodegas. Now Avalon is forcing out local union workers on any developments so outside labor can be brought in (so sorry, no new jobs). Yet another item the town turns a blind eye to.


  • Elisabeth

    I’m not sure why all the skepticism about Dan Fucci. All potential candidates will be screened as to whether they are appropriate or not. Do people really think that the current Town Board knew every answer to every question when they were beginning their first runs? I highly doubt it. Dan Fucci, as I’m sure are others, is an extremely competent and serious contender. He is a local resident who obviously has had enough of watching his town and his kids schools being dumped on. I can’t think of a better person to run. It seems to me that Fucci has taken the onslaught against his hometown personally. That’s the kind of passion a candidate should have.

    • HS

      If you can’t think of a better person to run you obviously you have not been to any of the screenings or the open mike night. There is a huge pool of very intelligent and highly qualified people, Dan is not one of them, however, if his wife would run then we would have a real tough decision, she has the leadership qualities, him not soooo much. I think that is why we have not gotten a nod yet, very tough decision to choose from the experience and knowledge of all issues, not just the station and the sd #3

    • HS resident

      I agree with the other poster, he seems more concerened about HIS school district and HIS town. Huntington is a big place. I am passionate about my neighborhood too, so is Sue Berland, have ya seen the ice rink? We need a person who is concerned with the whole town, not just his own zip code.

  • @Elisabeth

    I agree with your assessment about Fucci 100%. But I did attend his screening and he spoke very clearly and specifically about the LIPA Issue. He knew what he was talking about. So when others say otherwise they are slandering him. Constructive criticism is one thing, a liar is another. East Northport Resident is defaming someone’s character. I guess Fucci is the real deal otherwise certain people would not even bother talking about him. Very telling,very telling.

    • Elisabeth

      I’m not sure why E.Npt. resident is so closed minded. In all honesty, I think the Town of Huntington needs someone who WILL address the issues of Huntington Station. I don’t live there, but some of the issues make the whole township look terrible. I have heard Fucci speak and I like what I hear. I think others also have great potential. I just don’t like to see people bashed for no reason.

  • Chris ODonnell

    Jackson did not send her kids to a private school she sent them to 13 instead of 3 for whatever reason . The problem is she owed 13 aprox $140,000 settled for $14,000 w/ 5 years to pay w/ no intrest. Who paid her lawers fees? I want to send my son to harborfields but Im in dist 3 can I or any one else get the sweet deal Jackson got? THIS BOARD IS BAD, ROTTEN EVEN. PLEASE ,REP-DEM-WORK FAMILY-CONSER-IND !!!! VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!

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