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Berland Honors Young Future City Competition Finalists

Future city group

Councilwoman Susan A. Berland presented West Hollow Middle School students Maayan Amiran, Rachel Anszelowicz and Sarah Haiken with official proclamations form the Town of Huntington for placing in the top five at the regional finals in the 2010-2011 Future City competition.

The Future City Competition is an annual competition that requires participants to create a virtual city by building a physical model using recyclable materials and designing a virtual version using electronic software.  The theme for this year’s competition was improving health care; in addition to building a model city, participants were required to devise a product that would enhance the quality of life for an individual suffering from illness.  Maayan, Rachel and Sarah created a mobile phone application that allows individuals with diabetes to check their blood sugar levels using attachable hardware.

“It is a pleasure to honor Maayan, Rachel and Sarah for placing in the top five at the regional finals in the 2010-2011 Future City Competition, and also for being the only team at that level to represent Long Island,” commented Councilwoman Berland.  “The Future City competition is a unique opportunity for students to challenge their ingenuity and creativity.  Maayan, Rachel and Sarah are three incredibly bright and talented students who used their knowledge of engineering and their dedication to academic excellence to place in the top five in this highly competitive contest.  I wish these students all best in their endeavors and I look forward to seeing their Future City project next year.”

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