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Food Plaza Opens in Huntington Station.

Town Celebrates Opening of Huntington Station Food Plaza

The Town of Huntington issued this release today:

Huntington Station, NY – Supervisor Frank P. Petrone, members of the Town Council and local community leaders joined to welcome the Huntington Station Food Plaza, a full-service supermarket that opened today at 2035 New York Avenue.

In remarks at the grand opening ceremony, Supervisor Petrone hailed the 20,000-square-foot supermarket as yet another milestone in Huntington Station’s revitalization. Supervisor Petrone noted how store manager Javier Tineo – who owns the store with his father, Juan, and uncle, Porfirio, — chose the name for the supermarket after meeting with the Huntington Station Business Improvement District and hearing of the BID’s efforts to create a sense of community pride. “This is evidence of Xavier’s desire and commitment, from the very beginning, to be a part of the good energy and work that is being done every day to help Huntington Station fulfill its potential,” Supervisor Petrone said.

This new retail establishment will serve specific needs of community residents as well as attracting shoppers from outside the area and serve as an example for other businesses that might want to locate in Huntington Station. Town officials have long supported this project and helped facilitate the supermarket’s opening.

The project was aided by a $2,500 grant from the Huntington Economic Development Corp., which was matched by the Huntington Station BID.  The $5,000, along with technical and administrative assistance from the Huntington Community Development Agency, is being used toward the exterior landscaping. The EDC also has helped the project through the Planning and Engineering phases, as it does for other Huntington Station projects that hold great promise to revitalize the area and at the same time bring the types of goods and/or services highly requested by the community.

The Tineo family also operates two supermarkets in Brooklyn and one in Queens. Huntington Station Food Plaza is the largest of the four and – if pressed – Xavier Tineo will also admit it is the nicest.

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7 comments to Food Plaza Opens in Huntington Station.

  • Pam

    This is a fantastic neighborhood market! It was sorely needed in our area. It is in walking distance to many in our area which is very important. When I first moved here it was a pathmark supermarket so it has come full circle.

  • Pam

    This store continues to improve every time i shop there. The workers are courteous and friendly and helpful. There are many unusual items not seen in other stores. I found an aisle full of fresh cut herbs and whole peppers in clear bags that look like they came right off the plant. They also have a large and wonderful fresh fish market right in the store!I walk there on these beautiful summer days and i love it. Thanks to the Tineo family for a great supermarket!

  • Mary

    Do they have a website yet with the current sale flyer?

  • Pam

    The store continues to amaze me. I am looking for an online weekly store circular. How about it Tineo family? the store is so great that it would be wonderful to use an online weekly circular to catch all the great bargains there. I have met Javier in the store. He is friendly and helpful and always available. Keep it up Tineos!

  • Ashley

    Just left there today and I am sad to say that they are scratching off the expiration dates of rotten meat and re-tagging it. I picked up a piece of meat that was expired on March 24, 2012 and today is April 12!HORRIBLE to not shop there!!!

  • Javier

    Im so sorry for that Ashley I had no idea this was going on but I have corrected those mistakes and I have made some changes in the department I no longer have the butcher with us I have hired a very good butcher and he is on top of things as well I’m also Im so sorry u had to experience that but I hope you don’t hold that against me or my new staff

  • Duke

    I love the meat – EXCELLENT!! i used to go all the way to plainview for my meat, as the other 3 major brand supermarkets dont have “mom and pop” butchershop quality meats. I AM IMPRESSED with Food Plaza. Thick cuts they are not afraid to provide and fresh red meat! The butchers they have are so friendly “family type” people and share my happiness with my love of beef- they dont laugh about my excitment over the ribeye and sirlion lolol. red meat is not good for you in excess but i get my fix here and the price is UNBEATABLE!! Keep up the work ..YAHMON!!

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