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Huntington POV: Cooper on Levy’s Campaign Finance Scandal

Levy & Cooper together at the dais before Levy's campaign finance scandal

Dear Editor,

Although some are calling for County Executive Steve Levy to resign in the aftermath of the campaign finance scandal, there are several reasons why this would prove problematic for Suffolk County.  First and foremost is the estimated $1 million cost of the special election that would be held 70 to 90 days after a resignation would take effect.

That being said, I am concerned about how this scandal may affect the County Executive’s ability to govern effectively.  As a result, it is incumbent on the County Legislature to fill any void in leadership.  It is therefore critically important for legislators to set aside partisan politics and work together to formulate policy initiatives to deal with Suffolk’s looming budget crisis.

In the coming months, I am optimistic that legislators on both sides of the aisle will come together in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation.  In so doing, we will be able to steer Suffolk County through these challenging times towards a brighter and better future.


Jon Cooper

Majority Leader

Suffolk County Legislature

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1 comment to Huntington POV: Cooper on Levy’s Campaign Finance Scandal


    Thats the picture from February right? when they were trying to convince the lemmings that crime was down???? But murder is up…oh thats right.

    COOPER!!!! BURN THAT PICTURE!!!! Your surrounded by criminals! The only honest guy in that picture is Reverand Artis!
    CROOKS CRIMINALS AND THIEVES!!! They wear suits!!! You don’t need to worry about the gangs and their colors! It’s the guy in the suits that are scary!!!!

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