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Levy, Dormer Report 100% Drop in Suffolk Murder Rate

County Executive Steve Levy was flanked by Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer (right) and Chief of Patrol Nicholas Mango at a March 16 news conference where the officials announced a 100% reduction in murders from January 1 – March 15 in 2011 versus 2010, and significant violent- and property-crime reductions compared to the prior year.

The office of the County Executive issued this release:

Crime in Suffolk dropped precipitously in the first months of 2011, compared to the same period in early 2010, with a 100% decline in murders reported and a 36% fall in violent crime overall, Suffolk Executive Steve Levy and Police Commissioner Richard Dormer announced today.

The officials noted a 100% decline in murder/manslaughters from January 1—March 15, with zero versus 10 that had occurred through March 15, 2010. Additional violent crime categories also declined year to year during comparative January 1—March 6 periods: forcible raped dropped by 30%, robberies fell by 42.17% and aggravated assaults were down by 28.09%, resulting in an overall 36.36 drop in violent crime. Property crimes were also down by 17.40%, with larcenies falling 19.69% and motor vehicle theft off by 34.84%. The combined reduction in Suffolk index crimes totals 18.97% during that period.

“These latest statistics show that our dedicated crime-fighting efforts in Suffolk are working—and working very well,” said Levy, who noted that violent crime in 2010 had been cut by 10.4% versus 2009. “The dramatic 100% reduction in murders, year to date, should be a source of pride for the police department. While the overall violent crime rate was down sharply, there was concern over a rising murder rate. But it appears that anomaly has waned.”

Joined by Suffolk Police Department Chief of Patrol Nicholas Mango, Commissioner Dormer added, “Public safety remains a top priority in Suffolk, and we are fortunate to have the county executive’s leadership and the good work contributed by the men and women of the police department in achieving this objective.”

Levy and Dormer have initiated numerous efforts within the police district to contain and reduce crime. They pointed to the continued efforts of a special Heroin/Opiate Task Force, which arrested more than 1,000 individuals in 2010, and the work of a Consolidated Gang Unit that made 438 arrests in 2010, a 56% increase over the previous year.

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2 comments to Levy, Dormer Report 100% Drop in Suffolk Murder Rate

  • Nice Try

    Nice try, but we all know Jan-Mar were cold unforgiving months where people hide own in their dwellings, but I won’t dismiss that they have been some noticeable increased patrols.

    Ask any business owner along NY Ave in HS, in May-Aug they expect a sharp increase in gun/gang violence. I hope the county exec gives the SCPD the tools to do the job they are designated to do.

    Next community meeting at the police station I look to get a record of the active patrols over a 24 hours for our township over other SCPD townships versus comparable township tax contributions for seeing if there is an opportunity for tax filing grievance (only town can do this though).

  • LMAO!

    I can see them now discussing it.. “worst winter ever! All the gangs snowed in, let’s make a report on crime and murder when it’s at it’s lowest and maybe they wont notice!”

    They really think we are stupid?

    Feb 19th, less than a month ago they reported to solving less murders….also crime being down, but murder being up. Must be an election year.

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