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Search Warrants Uncover More Illegal Apartments. Three Huntington Station locations cited as code crackdown continues

The Town of Huntington issued this release today:

Huntington Station, NY – Town of Huntington Code Enforcement officers, in coordination with the Suffolk County Police Department, executed search warrants last week at three Huntington Station houses, finding illegal apartments at all three locations. The Code Enforcement Officers issued a total of 10 summonses and 10 notices of violation

The actions represented the fifth time in the past nine months that Code Enforcement Officers, as part of the Town’s crackdown on illegal apartments, have executed search warrants at various locations, and brought the total number of summonses issued at the locations inspected as a result of the warrants to 48. All told, since the code enforcement crackdown began in October 2009, almost 700 summonses and 2,500 notices of violation have been issued, and more than 550 investigations have been conducted into suspected illegal apartments.

“Our resolve to enforce Town Codes aggressively remains high,” Supervisor Frank P. Petrone said. “We continue to dedicate resources to pursue the legal means at out disposal to crack down on illegal apartments and quality of life violations.”

At 59 6th Avenue, Huntington Station, summonses were issued for an illegal first floor apartment, an illegal temporary apartment and for failing to register the apartment, as required by Town Code. Notices of violation were issued for interior door locks and missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

At 47A 9th Avenue, Huntington Station, summonses were issued for an illegal first level apartment, interior alterations without a permit, failing to register the apartment and for an unregistered vehicle and litter and debris. Notices of violation were issued for missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

At 76 E. 3rd St., Huntington Station, summonses were issued for an illegal second level apartment, interior alterations without a permit and failure to register the apartment. Notices of violation were issued for missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, interior door locks and overcrowding.  The Code Enforcement officers placed a hazardous conditions notice on the building because of overcrowding upstairs and the improper use of the basement for sleeping.

These efforts are an outgrowth of the Code Enforcement Task Force Supervisor Petrone formed as an outgrowth of the Huntington Station Action Coalition. The task force, which uses 40 percent of the Town’s code enforcement officers, is based at the Town’s Community Outreach Center on Lowndes Avenue.

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15 comments to Search Warrants Uncover More Illegal Apartments. Three Huntington Station locations cited as code crackdown continues

  • michael

    this has been long over due to get this town respectable again
    they must keep it up and follow thru

  • J.C.

    Why does it take a small band of homeowners to do the work of the towns code enforcement for them? One of these individuals works relentlessly exposing the illegal apartments and the disgusting placement of pedophiles in the neighborhood while running his own business and raising a family. This gentleman has done the work of 100 Town Code Enforcement employees in 6 months but doesn’t get paid for, nor receive any gratitude for his extraordinary efforts from the town. The sad truth to the matter is that if he were to stop what hes doing I believe the Town will go back to their lazy ways and turn a blind eye to the injustices that the residents of Huntington have had to endure for so long now. Please keep up the good work sir, I applaud everything your doing to improve our Town.

  • Cupcake #24

    The ONLY reason Town Hall is looking into these “illegal houses” is because The Cupcake Crusaders, lead by an amazing man, who does this for free, have been calling, emailing and reporting these illegal dwellings and keeping a track record of them. Code Enforcement and Town Hall Council Members are being held accountible and Frank Petrone wants to spin it to be it’s all them that are making this happen? Town Hall and Code Enforcement are making statements of what a wonderful job they are doing cracking down on all the illegal dwellings they allowed in the first place to look like heros?

  • J.C.

    Of coarse we need to hear from Clifford about how we need more affordable housing in our neighborhood once again and blame it on everything from illegal apartments to gang violence to school closings. The last thing this town needs is any more housing of anykind. Whats your answer Cliff? build low budget skyscrapers all over the place and stuff people in them? How does this help anyone living here in a positive way? The only people it helps is people like you lining your pockets on others misery. Build it and they will come. Just dont build it in anyone elses backyard, just the good people of the Station. I’m sure we will hear his economical breakdown of why this would be a positive. Let us have it Cliff,we’re all ears, as if we havent heard this speech when they built Whitman Village, Gateway Gardens, Highview,etc. How well are those propertys doing for us?

  • @Cliffy

    Go ahead Cliffy, tell the good tax paying citizens of Huntington where you live and how you are on Committees and butt-buddies with Mark Cuthbertson……

    Do ya’ll do yoga together too with Matt Whalen from Avalonbay because you only popped up recently right before Avalon was having private secret behind the door meetings with 3 council members that the other 2 didn’t know about.

    Come on Cliffy, tell the people how you support property rights of individuals but also called for eminate domaine on New York Avenue. How’s Manhattan looking today Cliffy from your office window while you play urban development from 1 hour away.

  • Thres

    It appears The Cupcake Crusader followers have not attended 3rd District Court over the past year. Unfortunately, I found myself in a small predicament where I was required to legalize a small addition that was built prior to my purchase. While waiting for my case to be called to meet with the town attorneys, I must have heard about dozen cases pertaining to illegal apartments the town discovered. After listening to several cases, it appeared the town was aggressive in obtaining hefty fines. Then the judge would ask the violators if they would like to say anything. It was the judge who reduced the fines to a slap on the wrist. It seems to me, most of the fault lies in the courts. The fines were less than a months rent. Confusing??

  • Clifford Sondock

    Good to find you are learning that restrictive zoning is partially the cause for the lack of adequate housing. As you acknowledge, if developers were able to build higher density housing or whatever housing the market demanded, there would be less demand for “illegal” apartments. Its rather simple…free markets produce better housing, more selection and better quality at lower prices. You should give it a try.

    • Anon

      Build th high density in your backyard first, ours currently is full. Oh whats that you have 1acre zoning. Practice what you preach!!!

    • Marshall Field

      There goes Mr.Sondock again. A builders builder. Lives in or near Lloyd Harbor and likes to think that people can do anything they want with their property. If Mr.Sondock’s next door neighbor was going to raise his house another 6 stories and if we are then to believe Clifford Sondock, he wouldn’t mind at all. Of course Mr. Sondock would feel the same way if he was living on a 1/4 acre of land next to his neighbor’s house some 15 feet away.

      Dems are in bed with developers and builders and it’s time to remove them all from local government or we will continue to be torn asunder.

  • J.C.

    No thank you Clifford, I won’t be drinking any of your Koolaid.

  • […] Legal Information posted about this interesting story. Here is a small section of the postThe Town of Huntington issued this release today: Huntington Station, NY – Town of Huntington Code Enforcement officers, in coordination with the Suffolk. […]

  • Ha, Pius

    What are “living accommodations” on the tax map when there are 5 meters outside and a pius for rent sign on the front lawn?

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