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Hard Luck Cafe Celebrates its Move to Cinema Arts Centre

(l-r) Michael Kornfeld (FMSH)and Dylan Skolnick (CAC)

Like chocolate and peanut butter, cocktails at sunset, and Spanky and Alfalfa, some things are perfect together. On Thursday night the Folk Music Society of Huntington (FMSH) and the Cinema Arts Centre (CAC) celebrated their union with a cocktail reception and free showcase concert. Both Michael Kornfeld, the president of the FMSH, and Dylan Skolnick, co-owner of the CAC, expressed their delight that the Hard Luck Café’ series will be moving from its old third Saturday of the month format at the Congregational Church of Huntington to the third Thursday of each month at the CAC. Kornfeld fondly remembers attending the CAC when it was the New Community Cinema in a store basement on Main Street with an eclectic mix of folding chairs, couches and free coffee. For him the FMSH and CAC are of equal minds with their promotion of local and sometimes off the beaten path talent.

In 1992, the FMSH under the guidance of Scott McDonald added the Hard Luck Café Series to the FMSH program. Much like the coffeehouses of the sixties and seventies that showcased the talents of local artists such as Bob Dylan and Tom Paxton; their vision was to provide a venue for local talent in a relaxed and intimate setting. Things have evolved for the HLC and now they look to pair either two series or acts with one local and one regional or touring artist. As Mr. Kornfeld said, ”with the new Thursday night performances it will provide more opportunities for regional touring artists who may be playing in the city or a place nearby on Friday or Saturday, to have a place to perform on Thursday, hook up and hear some local artists and perhaps swap gigs somewhere down the road.”

Coming off the release of his first full length studio album, North fork singer songwriter, Robert Bruey set the tone with a couple of his heartfelt and honest original songs.

Josh Jeffen

Up next was another well known local artist, Josh Jeffen who encouraged everyone to enjoy the tasty wines donated by local vintners, Martha Clara Vineyards, because concerts, “always go down a little smoother with fine wine.” Indeed, he was right as the appreciative audience indulged in the wine along with the spread set out by the CAC. Josh was great with songs ranging from funny to patriotic to romantic; he is a true entertainer.

Stuart Markus (Gathering Time') is called up on stage for an impromptu song with Jeffen

Thursday night’s glimpse of what’s in store for the third Thursday of every month was a beautiful one. The room lends itself perfectly to concertgoers who enjoy small clubs and “discovering” a new favorite singer-songwriter right in their own town. The HLAC first concert at the CAC will be held on Thursday, April 21st from 8:30-10:30 and features Lara Herscovitch with Josh Jeffen. Get there by 7 if you’d like to sign up for the open mic session beginning at 7:30. Tickets are $10, or $7 for CAC members.

The Cinema Arts Centre is located at 423 Park Avenue, Huntington NY 11743

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