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Huntington POV: For The Love of An Old Dog

Where's the love?

I am a dog named Station and I’ve been roaming around this town since it was first settled.  When I was still a puppy this part of town was considered one of the most desirable sections to live because of its proximity to the train. Back then all of the wealthy city folk would come out here to play.  Debutants and dignitaries would spend their summers here playing polo at the fairgrounds.  Where the Big H and Huntington High School now sit, a Gold Coast Mansion once stood. I have been here long enough to see the massive influx of immigrants move here and build new neighborhoods all around mine.  More puppies were brought in and you began to neglect me in favor of something new. I did not mind, I just kept doing my job for I am a mutt made up of many working class dogs, and I wear my blue collar with pride. I was bred to get the tough jobs done.  I’ve policed these streets, patrolled your businesses and guarded your families. I proudly mark my territory and will defend it with every ounce of my being. They say a mutt is the most loyal of breeds and I have proved it time and time again, so where is the love for this old dog.

In the 60’s you turned and beat me in order to control me but all that did was break my spirit. I’ve been playing dead for over 4 decades and I’m tired of begging for attention. I have a tick in my hide called Huntingtons housing policies sucking the life out if me and yet you give all the attention to the other dogs in town. My fur is dirty and matted and I am in dire need of a bath. I am cold and tired and my voice is hoarse from howling. I’ve always been a good boy but you never throw me a bone. Your ole buddy  Station has been a loyal companion so where is the love for this old dog? Man’s best friend? Would you treat a person like this? How about 31,000 of them?

John LaVertu is a contributor to the VillageTattler’s POV.The VT welcomes perspectives from all area residents. Huntington POV does not reflect the views of the Village Tattler, rather the individuals who submitted them. Click here for more about the rules and process for submitting an article or other media for publication.

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6 comments to Huntington POV: For The Love of An Old Dog

  • SANS


    Maybe it’s because they know most voters who live in higher density housing are Democrats, maybe it’s because they know that their only chance of passing legislation to allow more higher density building in Huntington Station is before the next election when Democrats may loose the majority on town board, maybe it’s because the developers and corrupt former and present politicians with housing progressives and misguided church and religious groups providing their political cover, make a ton of money from this, maybe it’s because all the proponents of higher density housing live where their homes are on acre/s or more of land and the only higher density housing allowed is for wild life, maybe the county DA and the state AG will finally take a long look at all the corruption surrounding affordable housing activists, developers, real estate businesses, local politicians who prosper from this despite breaking government laws, maybe if the county DA and the state AG disregard the political corruption and the deceiving tactics used by the local government to push through what developers and affordable housing activists want, they are just as corrupt.

  • henry dam

    maybe we should get the old dogs dna and cloe him with new genes of heritage common sense, wisdom respect and fore sight with thought to the s of mature future of peace and security of age. rather that of youths rush for instant gratification rather than learning the lessons of the past and present. remember one has to remove the weeds before planting the desired crop.

  • Second Floor Peon



    What is Affordable

    Projects and Strategies

    Yimby Campaign

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    YIMBY – Yes in My Backyard aims to build a movement across Long Island supporting the development of new affordable housing. YIMBY supports the idea that all communities on Long Island must provide a diversity of housing options for their residents and provide affordable housing.

    Affordable housing is a problem for most Long Islanders:
    • Young people cannot find a decent rental apartment so they are living with their parents or in basements.

    • Seniors can’t afford to live in their homes due to the high property taxes. They want to stay on Long Island where their friends and families live, yet they cannot find an affordable condo or rental unit.

    • Working class families are struggling to find housing. There are families who make $60,000 who are homeless due to the high cost of living. In order to purchase a home on Long Island, a family income must exceed $100,000.

    Affordable housing is being vetoed by Town Supervisors and community members:
    • One Long Island Town Supervisor said, “We don’t need affordable housing, we don’t have any of those people who need it.”

    • Towns control zoning. Throughout Long Island, town supervisors and council people are scared to propose and support affordable housing. This is why we created YIMBY.

    • YIMBY organizes people within the community to support affordable housing. We educate people and organizations to contact their town officials and to show them that there is a real constituency in their communities that support affordable housing. We say YIMBY. Yes In My Backyard. Join Us.

    • YIMBY is a project of the Long Island Progressive Coalition (LIPC). LIPC, founded in 1979, is the local affiliate of Citizen Action of New York, dedicated to promoting sustainable development, revitalizing local communities, creating effective democracy, enhancing human dignity, and achieving economic, racial and social justice.

    Organizations that Endorsed YIMBY
    AARP New York
    Bethpage Federal Credit Union
    Central Nassau Guidance & Counseling Services
    Child Care Council of Suffolk
    Circulo de la Hispanidad
    Cj2 Communication Strategies
    Community Advocates
    Community Housing Innovations
    Concern for Independent Living, Inc.
    CSEA Long Island Region
    CWA Local 1104
    Ethical Humanist Soc of Long Island
    Erase Racism
    Grace Cathedral International
    Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk
    Huntington Township Housing Coalition
    LI Council of Churches
    LI Jobs with Justice
    Long Island Commuters Campaign
    Long Island Federation of Labor AFL- CIO
    Long Island Junior and Commerce
    Mental Health Association of Nassau County
    MICAH Campaign
    NAMI Queens / Nassau
    Nassau Suffolk Coalition for Homeless
    Options for Community Living, Inc
    PAHCH People Affordable Housing Coalition of Hempstead
    Saint Martin Parish Outreach
    Sustainable Long Island
    Wyandanch Homes Property Development Corporation
    YMCA Long Island

    *Long Island Progressive Coalition is supported by Socialist Organizations-One aim of their agenda is to spread the wealth. Not theirs but yours-the middleclass taxpayer.

  • No More YIMBY's

    Funny, the last time I was at a Huntington Town Hall meeting addressing affordable housing NONE of the YIMBYs actually lived in Huntington. They even bussed them in from Brooklyn. So what a YIMBY really is is someone who comes from somewhere else and tells us we need to provide affordable housing for them.

  • Specky Doodle

    Specky says this old dog has new tricks and is starting to use them Station! You will make it Specky says so and Speckys word is good.

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