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Life-long Cold Spring Harbor Resident Maggie Norton Celebrates Her 101st Birthday

Birthday girl Maggie Norton celebrates her 101st year

One of the oldest living Cold Spring Harbor residents, Mrs. Maggie Norton celebrated her 101st birthday today with friends at Sweetie Pies on Main in Cold Spring Harbor Village.  Sweetie Pies is known for carrying the best quality of local goodies on Long Island so it was only fitting that this is where Maggie found herself on her special day. Maggie’s neighbors, of more than 40 years, Tom and Judy Hogan are the proprietors of Sweetie Pies and treated Maggie and friends to a delicious luncheon.  Maggie was born as Margaret Gildersleeve in 1910 at #50 Shore Road in her grandmother’s house.  Aside from a few years when she was very young and her family moved to Brooklyn, Maggie has lived in CSH her entire life.  Many things have changed since Maggie grew up, including the switch from riding in a  horse and buggy on dirt roads  to automobiles on asphalt. Her old school house complete with a row of wooden outhouses on the hill is now the DNA center complete with indoor plumbing. After teaching in School District #2 for 35 years, Maggie retired in the 70’s but happily looks forward to frequent visits from former students.

Maggie with friends,(l-r) Judy Hogan (owner of Sweetie Pies) and Susan Harms (owner of Body and Soul and Maggie's personal trainer)

Today Main Street in Cold Spring Harbor has the same beautiful buildings as it did when Maggie was a child; only most of the owners have changed.  She can tell you stories about each of the families that lived there and what their professions were.  The stores that now sell mostly clothing, antiques and beauty goods used to house the families and businesses of the local barber, butcher, bread maker, and biggest gossips and eccentrics. Maggie fondly recollects swimming all day and often swimming across the Harbor with her good friend, Margaret Kaylor.  No one needed summer camp when a family of neighbors and the glorious beaches of the North Shore surrounded them.  Maggie’s blissful summer days involved swimming back and forth to the sandbar where they’d dig up clams with their feet and then storing them in their bathing suits to bring back to shore.  After several trips they’d have enough for a big clambake with gallons of fresh squeezed lemonade and homemade cakes.

Even after 35 years as a school teacher, Maggie still loves being surrounded by children

Listening to Maggie reminisce about the joys of growing up in our town is a gentle reminder to slow down and give thanks for the blessing of sharing this part of the world. If you are interested in hearing about Maggie’s wonderful life than stop in at Sweetie Pies on Main grab some cold brewed coffee, a pastry and pick up a copy of her book “Maggie’s Memories…A View of Cold Spring Harbor”.

Happy Birthday Maggie, you are a CSH diamond

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