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Townwide Fund of Huntington Donates More Than $100,000 to Local Charities

Board Members from The Townwide Fund of Huntington presented a check for more than $100,000 to representatives from recipient charities during their annual board meeting. (click to enlarge)

The Town-Wide fund issued this release today:

A group of local not-for-profit organizations who serve Huntington received some welcome relief and a great start to 2011 as The Townwide Fund of Huntington, Inc., presented a check for more than $100,000 to 20 charities during its annual meeting. The Townwide Fund’s board members were joined by representatives from many of the charities for the annual check giving ceremony.

“This is an opportunity for The Townwide Fund, through the generosity of its donors and work of its volunteer board members, to give back and support our member agencies who provide essential health and human services to the entire community within the Town of Huntington,” said Michael Mulè, a litigation partner at Rivkin Radler, LLP,  who is the incoming President of The Townwide Fund of Huntington, Inc. “The Townwide Fund will continue to support these organizations as they continue to work so hard within our community to help others.”

As a grassroots, non-governmental agency, The Townwide Fund of Huntington bridges the gap between dwindling governmental support for local charities and the increasing needs of community residents. The organization was founded in 1961 by a group of private citizens who wanted to help local charities raise vital funds which are desperately needed to service the community. The Townwide Fund’s mission is to keep money raised in Huntington within the community to service its residents. Now 50 years after its inception, The Townwide Fund has provided more than $10 million to support Huntington through its local charities and by providing support so they can offer much needed programs, such as health and human services, to Huntington Township residents. The Townwide Fund’s motto has always been, “The Money Raised in Huntington, Stays in Huntington.”

In recent years, outgoing President James T. Powers, who is widely regarded as the man who saved The Townwide Fund of Huntington from extinction and for laying a sturdy foundation for the organization, built upon the Townwide Fund’s mission by implementing various innovative fundraising efforts. Two years ago, Powers started a special event, hosting the Opening Night of the Christmas Show at the Engeman Theatre in Northport. This event is now on their annual calendar thanks to first-year honoree Greg Kennedy of Raymond James and second-year honoree Sal Ferro of Alure Construction.

Other ideas that Powers spearheaded are comprised of grassroots marketing and branding initiatives including The Townwide Fund’s coin box program and a payroll donation plan. Another staple of the Fund’s fundraising efforts is the direct mail campaign entitled “FOCUS.” This marketing program has been the backbone of the Fund’s efforts for years and replaced the time-honored tradition of board members and volunteers going door to door in the ‘50s and ‘60s to solicit donations. The FOCUS newsletter is delivered to more than 70,000 households within the Town and affords the community the availability to donate any amount via check or credit card.

Incoming President Mulè, who previously held the post of Payroll Deduction Chair said, “Existing agencies including Pederson-Krag, Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation and Family Service League, along with the Town of Huntington, have long supported the Townwide Fund’s payroll deduction program. Now we’ve refined our campaign materials and our presentation to go out and meet all businesses within the entire Town.”

To assist the board’s special events and annual campaign activities, which include The Townwide Fund’s St. Patrick’s Run, Thanksgiving Day Run and its annual golf outing, Powers also had the Fund’s website redesigned and improved to accept donations and ticket buying capabilities on the Internet. These initiatives, events and programs allow members and contributors to The Townwide Fund to meet others who share the organization’s common goal.

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