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Huntington BOE Trustee Liz Black Assails “Misguided” Town Revitalization Agenda

Trustee Elizabeth Black

Elizabeth Black issued this statement today:

Good news! The Huntington Zoning Board of Appeals recently unanimously denied the application of the Huntington Housing Authority to increase the density of development of the parcel at 1 Lowndes Ave., Huntington Station known to us as Gateway Gardens.

I want to thank and congratulate my colleagues on the School Board who, along with me, took the bold step to be heard on this issue by hiring an attorney.  I viewed this development project as another assault on the members of the Lowndes Ave. community. Prior to voting in favor of the school board hiring an attorney, I spoke with knowledgeable land use attorneys who confirmed what other board members believed; sound arguments could be made that the process being employed (bringing this application to the ZBA) was improper and that the substance of the request for substantial increase in the number of units per acre could affect the use of other lands in this community and throughout the town.

There are those who object to the school district’s insertion into this controversy. It was clear to me that the school district was probably the only land owner in this lower income, impacted community who had the resources to stand up to the powerful forces of the Town of Huntington. To those who wish to silence opposition to the misguided plans of the Town Board, I invite you to reconsider your affection to the Town’s “revitalization” plans and their agenda in general. They are failures.  There has been no measure of revitalization that has occurred from their high density development programs. They have only been successful in taking tax paying properties off the tax roles and transferring the cost of maintaining the town’s infrastructure to other taxpayers.  Their policy has reached a breaking point. Safety in the community around Jack Abrams School is the first casualty.  Community members and elected officials at all levels need to be engaged. Efforts to silence anyone should be deplored.

Elizabeth Black
Board of Education Trustee
Huntington School District 3

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