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Town Corrects Public Safety Emergency Recording

One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy....

VT’s posting of a confusing after-hours recording on the Town’s Public Safety emergency line was corrected within 48 hours of our report says Huntington spokesman, AJ Carter.

Responding to our Monday (January 17, 2011) story, Carter initially said that his review of Town Hall’s telephone equipment and recorded announcements failed to replicate the difficulty we noted.  He further reported that representatives from the Town’s General Services Department were equally unsuccessful in duplicating the trouble.

Diligent in his attempt to unravel the mystery, Carter took the initiative and dialed Town Hall’s unattended switchboard after normal business hours on Wednesday evening.  He was able to duplicate our experience on the first try!

The “glitch”, he says, has been traced to a near-10-year-old voice announcement that was fixed within hours of its discovery.  Callers are now connected directly to a Public Safety officer when they dial extension 3234 after the main switchboard’s auto-attendant message is finished.

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1 comment to Town Corrects Public Safety Emergency Recording

  • longtime HS resident

    Perhaps if the Town spent as much time upgrading last century’s communication gear instead of promoting high density apartment buildings, we could get the right info.

    One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy….

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