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If This is an Emergency…Please Leave a Message

Icy commute

After spending 30 minutes in the dark chipping the three cars in my driveway from their icy slumbers this morning, I was finally able to head to the LIRR’s Huntington Station for my daily commute to the Big Apple.  My route takes me through the intersection of Cove Road and Gloria Lane; – a sharp curve that presents a driving challenge even during ideal weather conditions.

This morning – with all of the ice and snow on the roadway – the drive was a real trick and I momentarily lost control of my vehicle as I rounded the turn.  The garbage truck that was less than 100 yards ahead of me added an interesting twist to my adventure but I was able to regain my steering and stopped well short of their position; – albeit in the oncoming lane!

Knowing that my wife was soon to follow my path and that Cove Road is the primary thoroughfare used by nearly everyone in my neighborhood, I decided to call Town Hall and advise them of this extremely hazardous situation.

It was only 7:40AM and the main switchboard was unattended at such an early hour.  A recorded message, however, advised me to dial the Security Department at extension 3234 for emergencies.

I did. And I got a recording telling me that I had reached the Security Department; – brilliant!  The announcement went on to say that I could leave a message.  However, “If this is an emergency, hang up and dial again.”  I did.  I got the same recording!  So I dialed a THIRD time; and I got the SAME recording.

Thankfully I was able to find a Town Highway Department truck on Maple Hill Road whose driver was quick to understand the problem on Cove Road and promised immediate corrective action.  Thanks, Buddy!

As I continued my trek to the station, it dawned on me that it’s relatively unproductive to leave a message when an emergency exists.  Usually, emergencies demand IMMEDIATE response.

Here’s a suggestion.  Let’s give a cell phone to the senior Security Department employee on duty during every shift.  Let’s also set an electronic protocol that automatically transfers incoming Security Department emergency calls to that cell phone after 3 rings on extension 3234. Voila!  Problem solved!

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6 comments to If This is an Emergency…Please Leave a Message

  • Eytan

    Nah, they won’t do it. It makes too much sense…

  • cwh

    Exactly what problem was solved? The town trucks have not sanded anywhere and the ones that are supposed to be are sitting at Fleets Cove Beach, having coffee and laughing at this rag called the Village Tattler.
    So when are you going to actually do some work? Or are you as the town, one worker to work “slowly” and ten to watch.

  • E.NPT resident

    This is what happens when you have the clowns running the circus. There are lots of stupid situations like this. How about Frank Petrone imploring everyone to go on a bus trip to Albany, then not being able to get the date right? How about imploring every Hunt. Town resident to have a lawn sign, and then not being able to provide them. You can’t make this stuff up? When are the elections?

  • marie

    Justin, while I think you’re intentions are good, I have to believe the Highway Dept is aware of the most dangerous streets during a snow/ice storm. I live in the same area as you, and in fact, my husband also leaves early, driving down Cove Road to catch the train. We usually are very pleased with how quickly the sand gets put down in our area. I do agree with you that the phone system is somewhat inane, but I don’t think the “command center” is at Town Hall (I could be wrong about that). It might be better to have the police dept phone number on your cell (maybe the Bay police) so that they can inspect the situation and call the “powers that be”, or at least divert traffic if necessary.

    • Anonymous

      Why not call the highway dept? They are the ones who can dispatch the trucks. Also Cove Road is not in Huntington Bay Police area, Suffolk County Police cover that area

      • cwh

        hunt bay is suffolk…you have no idea what you are talking about. town truck was on cove roaad except he was drinking coffee, the rest of them were at fleets cove beach sitting there with thier thumb up thier ass.

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