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The Morning After

Hopefully that's a 4WD truck

Huntington presented a stark reality to residents looking for a cup o’ joe this morning; Cup O’ Joe was closed. So was Starbucks, most of the delis and many other businesses in town that ordinarily open early to get residents fed and caffeinated for the day ahead. The LIRR remained shut down and streets were empty. A bona fide snow day was off to a glorious start!

Traffic is light at NY Ave & Main St.

Breaking out the big guns


Cars parked curbside overnight are buried by the storm and snow plows

This Boston-based coffee shop ain't afraid of no blizzard

On the other hand, the show run out of Seattle did not start on time...

Whitecaps and sideways icicles

North NY Ave is very quiet at 7:30 Monday morning

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