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Huntington Takes to the Slopes


Mother Nature did Huntington a solid with a beautiful dump of snow the day after Christmas.  Family and friends traveling in for the Holidays were able to arrive without weather delays and not much else needed to entertain the kids and houseguests besides snow!

Can't stop smiling

A local favorite sledding slope is on the beautiful grounds of Coindre Hall.

The wind was blowing and temperatures never got out of the 20’s but families braved the cold for some good simple fun.

Beautiful scenery

they all rolled over and 2 fell out

There were lots of new Holiday toys to try out.

the race is ON

Go scooter!

Complete with special kid snow shield

If the big hill looks too far of a hike then enjoy the quick steeps right off of the  parking lot.

Parking lot hill

Sometimes crashing is the best part

As the sun set and the wind picked up everyone started home in search of some hot chocolate, a shot of rumplemintz for those of legal age and a warm fire.  Sure beats a day inside with a lot of cheese, noisy games and a giant singing rat.

Coindre hall is located at 101 Browns Road Huntington, NY 11743

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