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Petrone Declares Snow Emergency

The Town of Huntington issued this release:

Huntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone today declared an official snow emergency, effective at 1:30 p.m., allowing the Town to take whatever action is necessary to protect the safety of Town residents during and after the current storm.

“This declaration allows me to marshal resources, both public and private, to help deal with the storm’s expected effects,” Supervisor Petrone said. “Among other things, it helps us put all Town employees on notice that they might be needed at any time to assist in this effort, which should help in the scheduling of crews to ensure that all workers have adequate rest.”

Under a snow emergency, the Supervisor has the power to close roads, appropriate necessary equipment from all sources and make necessary purchases without following the usual procedures. The declaration also makes available to the Highway Department Town equipment and personnel to assist Highway Department crews.

The Supervisor also opened the Town’s Emergency Operations Center to coordinate the Town’s response to the storm. Representatives from several Town departments with key emergency responsibilities were told to report to the Center, in the Town’s general services facility on Pulaski Road in Huntington Station.

“Residents should feel confident that the Town will do whatever it takes to ensure, as best as possible, that roads are passable and necessary services are being provided,” Supervisor Petrone said. “I hope, however, that people will stay off the roads, stay indoors and enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend with their families.”

The Supervisor reminds residents that anyone needing to contact the Town should call 351-3234 for emergencies.

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1 comment to Petrone Declares Snow Emergency

  • mcrocker

    anonymous – all the more reason to secede from huntington proper and form and independent huntington station that stands on its own. take whatever you want on the way out and go.

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