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Cold Spring Harbor High School’s “Peter Pan”

Cast members of CSHHS's performance of "Peter Pan"

The Cold Spring Harbor High School Drama Club put on a lively Peter Pan over the November 19th weekend.  Under the direction of Helen Murdoch-Prep, the kids came together as a team that clearly enjoys playing together.   Like her predecessor Sandy Duncan, senior Nicole Sganga gave a perky performance as the title character, Peter Pan.  However this performance was not the Disney  Musical version but truer to the original play by J. M. Barrie.  Shifting the emphasis away from singing gave the kids a better chance to show off their acting skills.  Director Murdoch-Prep made sure the final scene was powerfully poignant. Sophomores Wendy Gazzola played a sweet Wendy and Jake Lisbeth played Captain Hook as a lovable rogue.   His sidekick Smee was comically done by senior John Hammond. Senior Aparna Ramachandran obviously enjoyed playing the slightly silly, Slightly Soiled.

The cave of the Lost Boys

Many of the children in the audience came dressed as their favorite character and had fun watching them come to life on stage. The sets were were well done and the Performance Arts Center at CSH High School is always a beautiful and comfortable place to watch these young players.

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