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Its Prime Time for the Holidays in Huntington

Santa's Helpers

If you’re not in the holiday mood yet then you’re either Squidward or from out of town because holiday festivities by the bushel have come to Huntington. Starting with the Thanksgiving day run on Thursday, The Holiday Boat Parade on the Harbor on Friday and the parade and tree lighting in Huntington Village Saturday night, hundreds of families have enjoyed caroling, lights and good cheer.

Supervisor Petrone and Huntington Hospital's Kevin Lawlor (l-r)

This Monday night’s tree lighting on the harbor at Prime was another fantastic family event.  Not only was Kevin Lawlor, Huntington Hospital’s President and CEO the guest of honor, so were the town’s children.  Mr. Lawlor was also there representing the Clark Gillies Children’s Emergency Care Center at Huntington Hospital, which is a self-contained area equipped with life saving staff and equipment for emergency treatment.  The Center relies on community donations in order to keep up the high level of care.  The Bohlsen family (owners of Prime Restaurant) wanted to create a special holiday evening to give back to the town and the hospital where they were born.  With the tree lighting ceremony they hope to raise awareness and money for the Clark Gillies Center and they made a generous $5,000 donation to the center themselves.

Prime crowd

Then there were the lucky kids who attended the tree lighting ceremony. There were lots of smiling sticky faces as they were treated to as much hot chocolate, whipped cream, candy canes and cookies as their little bellies could hold.

The night was chilly but it was calm and cozy on Prime’s back deck overlooking the harbor. The Huntington High School Choir kicked things off with a compilation of some fun, sweet and beautiful songs.

Prime Restaurant Co- Owner Michael Bohlsen and members of the Town Board

After a few short speeches by Prime Restaurant co-owner Michael Bohlsen, Kevin Lawlor and Supervisor Petrone, the Christmas tree was lit and Santa and his entourage arrived.  If you missed it this time, be sure to make it to Prime next year as the Bohlsen family is planning on making this an annual event.

***The menorah at the Village Green will be lit in a ceremony scheduled for 6 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, December 1, led by Rabbi Asher Vaisfiche of Chabad of Huntington**

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1 comment to Its Prime Time for the Holidays in Huntington

  • Goodbye, NY

    Not to be a Scrooge or anything, but do the “Sponsored By” sign’s by the Town Christmas Tree and Menorah have to be bigger than the displays themselves? Place them at ground level and with smaller lettering. I get it that the Town didn’t foot the bill so no one gets bent out of shape about it (like in years past). It’s just so unsightly. Agree?

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