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Conte Says Special Session Failed to Address State’s Looming Fiscal Crisis

Jim Conte

The Office of Assemblyman Jim Conte issued this release today:

Assemblyman Jim Conte (R,I,C,WF-Huntington Station) today faulted Democratic legislative leaders for not addressing the state’s looming fiscal crisis during this week’s special session.

“Once again, state leaders have failed to put the state’s fiscal house in order and instead focused their time on passing legislation that will stifle job creation and cost the state $1 million in permit revenue,” said Conte.  “The longer state government puts off making necessary budget cuts, the deeper the cuts will be.”

Conte noted that the state currently faces a $9 billion deficit, which could be as high $11 billion at the end of the fiscal year in March.

“By not acting now, the Democratic majorities are hampering the Legislature’s ability to make across-the-board reductions, which will negatively affect schools, hospitals and local governments next year,” said Conte.  “Democrats have failed Long Island taxpayers, while putting the fiscal solvency of state government in jeopardy.”

Conte concluded that while the Assembly did pass several measures including a bill that will distribute federal funds for education, nothing was done to address the state’s looming fiscal crisis.

“This week’s special session will go down as another example of the Assembly Majority passing up an opportunity to address the state’s serious and growing economic problems, and instead focus their attention on bills that largely affect the well-being of New York City.”

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