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Huntington POV: What We Need is a Knight to Protect the Subjects!

In reference to the letter to the editor by the Town Board 11/25/10 “We need Cooperation from Both Sides” this is what I have to say:

History has shown us time and again that Kings and Dictators do everything and anything to consolidate power and control under the guise of efficiency.  Once a King and Dictator have that control, it is very hard for the subjects to regain a say in their own future.  At that point the King and his court will do what is best for his kingdom, most often to solidify their power over the subjects.   In Huntington we appear to be on that path.

The King and his court always want more power to solidify their control over their subjects.  Now the king is trying to loot our highway taxes, and has plans to dissolve three elected positions of three very popular Elected Public Officials (Highway, Receiver of Taxes, Town Clerk), who are so popular amongst us subjects because they serve the subjects, not the King.   No doubt, by eliminating these elected positions there is an argument to support more efficient government, but for whom….the King? Or the Subjects?

Don’t misunderstand me, I am certainly in favor of efficient government, but the gaul of King Petrone looking to reduce the “working” positions in favor of his bloated staff is something we cannot ignore.  I am surprised he hasn’t had a case of the gout yet….. King Petrone’s own staff needs to be reviewed, if he really wants efficiency in government.  There are too many servants of the King supported by the taxes forced on us subjects.    And their role is only to serve at the King’s pleasure:  Every day they must come to work saying: “For the King!” we pledge our Loyalty”

What we are seeing now is an obvious political vendetta against the Elected Highway Superintendent…who has gone to the public with his messages, and has not bowed to the King’s power…….The Highway Superintendent has served the public, the subjects, for more than 22 years and gets our support overwhelmingly every time he runs for re election…..What is the King afraid of….Does he want to eliminate any threats to his throne? Does he want to eliminate servants of the subjects and not his throne? I’m sure Mr. Naughton does not pledge his support of the King everyday.

Certainly the King has not served the subjects of Huntington Station. Certainly the King has gotten richer by consolidating his power, just look at his financial reports. What will he try to plunder in the future?

What we all want is Town workers who provide us with services not used as a support staff to the political machine of the King.  Once we lose our voice by eliminating the “non policy Making positions” of Highway Superintendent, Town Clerk and Receiver of Taxes the King will control the entire empire, and the subjects will lose their voice…And in the end, isn’t that what we all don’t want.

Dennis A. Garetano

Huntington Station

Dennis A. Garetano is a contributor to the Village Tattler’s Huntington POV. The VT welcomes perspectives from all area residents. Huntington POV does not reflect the views of the Village Tattler, rather the individuals who submitted them. Click here for more about the rules and process for submitting an article or other media for publication.

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