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Councilman Mayoka’s Open Letter To the Community Addresses Conflict in Our Local Government

Mark Mayoka

In the interest of good government and my desire to bring an end to the unnecessary conflict that interferes with the efficient operation of government, I feel compelled to write this letter.

The ongoing feud between my four (4) Democrat colleagues and the Democrat Highway Superintendent must come to an end. Comments at the most recent Town Board Meeting reveal my colleagues desire to eliminate the Highway Superintendent as an elected position and merge the entire department into a Public Works Department. This would effectively change the elected position of Highway Superintendant into an appointed position, titled the Director of Public Works, controlled by the Town Board. I am in complete disagreement with the elimination of the position of Highway Superintendent.

The new position, Director of Public Works, would clearly lack the necessary independence required. It is in violation of the ‘Separation of Duties’ function that is well documented throughout the country in thousands of town governments. In fact, it is believed that the maintenance of town roads is so important a position that it should be kept separate from the Town Board. This is to protect the residents and ensure its independence and integrity. It is this role of ‘Separation of Duties,’ which makes the Highway Superintendent independent and accountable to the residents. I do not believe that this balance of power in town government should be changed through the elimination of the Highway Superintendent position. I also believe that the relationship between the Town Board and the Highway Superintendent should not be adversarial but instead should be one of harmony.

However, with all due respect to my colleagues, I do not believe that the Highway Superintendent was treated fairly during the Budget Process. On a comparative basis, when evaluating apples to apples, the 2011 Adopted Budget, as compared to the 2010 Adopted Budget, for the Highway Department, the 2011 Budget slashes and reduces Highway spending by 1.2 million dollars. This is the largest reduction in spending of any of the four (4) major funding categories in the budget. In fact, it is in stark contrast to the treatment of other departments, which had virtually no reduction in spending. It could easily be argued that the entire decrease in spending for the 2011 Adopted Budget came out of the Highway Department! This is in sharp contrast to an evenhanded approach, which would reduce expenses across the board to all departments.

I voted no to the 2011 Budget for this reason along with many other reasons.

Both Members of the Town Board and the Highway Superintendent have made inaccurate statements and unfounded accusations.

We need to focus on the business of running the town government efficiently and doing more with less.

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5 comments to Councilman Mayoka’s Open Letter To the Community Addresses Conflict in Our Local Government

  • Vivienne H.Wong

    Well said McCrocker. Petrone tried to do this a number of years ago when Steve Israel was on the board. I have one additional concern and that is the highway taxes are on a separate line item on my tax bill – if there is an excess those monies should be used to reduce the upcoming year’s taxes. As to transfering the monies to the general budget this should not be happening. Nice to have a logical person on the board for a change.

  • Thanks!

    Thank you Mark Mayoka for seeing through the smoke to see the clearing ahead.

    This town has been run into the ground over the last few years and now with representation like yours we will all benefit.

  • Dan Fucci

    Please leave one of the few things that work properly in this Town alone. The Superintendent is doing a fine job. I never hear complaints about the Town roadways. I always hear complaints about how Huntington Station has been decimated. Maybe the Superintendent should be given the responsibility of improving Huntington Station. BTW I have noticed that many of the roadways west of 110 in Huntington Station (around Jack Abrams Vicinity) have been recently paved. Thank you Mr. Naughton for doing your part in revitalizing Huntington Station.

  • E.NPT resident

    I wish all the other board memebers could take lessons in maturity, professionalism and clear thinking from Mr. Mayoka. We are so proud of the job you are doing in spite of the rest of the board. We will be changing the faces soon enough, hang in there!!!!!

  • Investigation

    I’m STILL waiting to hear the findings of Mr. Mayoka’s internal investigation of that leak (email) to his friends/media about that FBI and police gang bust of the Latin Kings which took place early this past spring. WHERE ARE YOUR FINDINGS MR. MAYOKA?

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