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Huntington POV: Resisting A Rebirth Of Freedom

Hard to keep freedom bottled up

President Obama recently told a group of supporters that Republicans should expect “hand to hand combat” on Capitol Hill if they take back the House in November. This bellicose reference represents a brief flash of honesty from an administration otherwise cloaked in deceptive calls for magnanimity. The Obama White House has proven reckless and obstinate in implementing its progressive agenda. Irrespective of popular opinion and public consternation, the President has relentlessly advanced his long sought-after goals of universal healthcare, cap-and-trade, stimulus spending, public sector takeovers and a litany of less publicized, social-restructuring initiatives. Notable, however, is that this brazen fortitude is only discernable in the President’s domestic agenda.
President Obama’s antipathy for compromise on domestic issues seems to evaporate with issues of foreign affairs. With regard to international diplomacy, the White House has conceded much, yet accomplished little for America. Note the Russo-American arms treaty in which Vladimir Putin’s Russia achieved remarkable success in convincing the White House to curb its missile-defense technology while granting minimal concessions in return. Although Russia and China each brokered deals with President Obama to support U.N. sanctions against Iran, neither Moscow nor Beijing has upheld its end of the bargain. Remarkably, President Obama does not appear bothered by this blatant affront to America. Take into account the fact that Iran has rapidly advanced its nuclear programs during the past two years, with little admonishment from the White House, and it becomes quite clear that the Obama Administration lacks the conviction in foreign affairs that it mulishly demonstrates at home. Mr. Obama is quick to insult his political rivals, his predecessor in office, the U.S. Supreme Court, dissident members of his own party, domestic media outlets, and particular American States, yet he softens his language when speaking about perfidious tyrants who are openly disdainful of America, e.g., Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Fidel Castro.
The question then becomes: What can a Congress achieve with a President in office, armed with the veto, declaring open-warfare on his rivals? The answer is simple in nature, yet poignant in effect. A Republican Congress, Tea Party and all, can stop the national bleeding. It can do so by ensuring that no new taxes are implemented, that no new spending is approved, that Obama-Care loses its funding, and that the size and the scope of the federal government begins to reverse its expansion. These measures, in and of themselves, will bring stability to the U.S. market and will strengthen the value of the dollar. Notwithstanding the likelihood that President Obama would veto any bill that is aimed at repealing his entitlement programs or reducing the public’s tax burden, Republicans should continue to pursue such measures. At a minimum, passing these laws in Congress would send a message to Americans of better days to come, and would serve to lay the groundwork for initiating these programs in January of 2013.
The President’s fondness of domestic “combat” is futile and misdirected. Perhaps by applying his considerable pride and steely resolve to matters of foreign affairs, the nation could be better served. The American people are overwhelmingly opposed to the policies of the Obama White House. Their voices will be heard on Election Day as they begin to reclaim their constitutional rights and liberties. A rebirth of freedom is imminent. How quickly it is instituted will depend upon how fiercely the President resists it.

Jeremy Pitcoff

Jeremy Pitcoff is a contributor to the Village Tattler’s Huntington POV and a freelance columnist and a committeeman for the Smithtown Republican Party. The VT welcomes perspectives from all area residents. Huntington POV does not reflect the views of the Village Tattler, rather the individuals who submitted them. Click here for more about the rules and process for submitting an article or other media for publication.

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3 comments to Huntington POV: Resisting A Rebirth Of Freedom

  • Really?

    House Republican leader John Boehner promised, “We’re going to do everything — and I mean everything we can do — to kill it, stop it, slow it down, whatever we can” when talking about Obama’s agenda. Maybe that is the kind of thing that the President was referring to when he talked about hand to hand combat.

  • Huntington neighbor Jane W.

    It can’t get any worse.Can we “change back”?This has been the worst year I can ever remember for Americans.Optimism is at a new low.

  • Court order sealed

    Well said! One of our brilliant senators said you have term limits, by voting us out! Well today they all get there wish, vote em all out…….God bless America!

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