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FSL’s Project Toy is asking for Contributions to Bring Joy to Children this Holiday Season


Project TOY is a very special program that brings an excitied smile to a child’s face and a proud and happy feeling to a child’s parents this Holiday Season.

With your help, we will give parents struggling with financial hardship the opportunity to “shop” (at no cost) for holiday gifts at one of our Family Centers. They will then have the pleasure of presenting these gifts to their children on their special holiday.

There are many ways YOU can help:

~ Collect toys in lieu of exchanging gifts with your  co-workers, friends, or family.

~ Display a toy collection box at your place of business.

~ Organize a toy drive at your book club, tennis club, religious group, or youth group.

~ Make a cash donation online by clicking this Donate Now button .

Click here to see their brochure and learn of the many ways in which you can help.

Or call Jennie Sandler at 631-427-3700, ext. 255 for more information.

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