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“All You Need in the World is Love and Laughter”: The Pederson-Krag Center is Facilitating Both With a First Rate Comedy Showcase

Funnyman Vic DiBitetto will headline the comedy showcase benefitting the Pederson-Krag Center

Founded in 1957, the Pederson-Krag Center currently has six  facilities throughout Suffolk County, including Huntington, Dix Hills and Smithtown. Their mission is  “To offer a continuum of out-patient, community and school based mental health and addiction recovery services; and to provide quality services to children, adults and families in a manner that fosters dignity and respect and empowers individuals to become full participants in their own recovery and independent members of the community. “  Presently they have about 4,5000 patients in one or more of the 26 programs offered

Over the past few years the needs of the community have become so great that  the center has started three food banks and they depend on private donations to fund this as well as things such as special tests that are not covered otherwise, and their partial hospital program.  Private donations have become very lean lately and the P-K Center is having a benefit at the John W. Engeman Theater in Northport on November 4th to raise money for their partial hospital program.  It is an especially beneficial program at a time when more people are coming in for help with acute depression. This program is a six-week intensive program where the patients spend 6 hours a day receiving treatment and then can still go home and remain in their community.

A byproduct of the rise in acute depression has also seen a rise in domestic violence by as much as 50% since last year in Suffolk County. They desperately need money to help those who can’t afford treatment elsewhere and stop this vicious cycle. Peterson Krag was hit with more bad news last week when they were notified that their funding would be cut by $130,000(10% of their budget) next year.

The benefit comedy show begins at 8pm and features some outstanding comics (check flyer below for details) .Tickets for the comedy show are only $50 .  The timing is perfect because depending on what happens next  Tuesday we are going to either be already feeling giddy or desperately need to laugh.

For reservations please call MJ at  631-920-8067 or Nancy at 631-920-8055.

*** all you need quote attributed to August wilson

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