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Cold Spring Harbor Halloween Dog Parade a Howling Success

Little Bo Peep journeyed to Cold Spring in a Jeep. She drowned the fool who challenged her drool. Smart men know a safe distance from Bo's snout to keep.

With leashes tightly gripped in one hand and a clutch of baggies in the other, dog lovers were out in force Saturday parading their pooches through the hamlet of Cold Spring Harbor. In spite of the fact that there were more than a few longhairs mixed in, the mob was well behaved. Almost as much fun as seeing the humiliating costumes dogs will submit to (there was nary a cat costumer or otherwise anywhere to be seen), was the freedom of wandering briefly through town with no worries about being run down by a car because Main Street was shut to vehicles for a few precious minutes. Cold Spring Harbor’s merchants were ready for the pooches and the aftermath. Many set out dod bowls, doggie biscuits and even a clown making dog-balloon sculptures. All too soon the traffic was flowing again and the dog party broke up with hounds and their owners scattering in every direction.[nggallery id=80]

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