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Firefighters Free Driver Trapped in Greenlawn Crash

Photos by Steve Silverman

Firefighters from the Greenlawn Fire Department assisted by Suffolk Police Emergency Services, responded to assist the driver trapped in a minivan that crashed into a tree on Little Plains Road and Godfrey Lane in Greenlawn, at about 1:40 p.m., Sunday, October 17.  Under the direction of First Assistant Chief Scott Dalrymple, firefighters used heavy rescue extrication tools to remove the roof, driver’s door, and pull the dashboard to free the male patient who suffered multiple trauma.

Photos by Steve Silverman

About 25 Greenlawn firefighters were on the scene with two heavy rescue trucks, two ambulances, and an engine for the helicopter landing zone at the nearby Manor Plains School.  The patient was airlifted to Stony Brook University Medical Center by Suffolk Police Medivac.

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3 comments to Firefighters Free Driver Trapped in Greenlawn Crash

  • There's a method...

    Texting or some other Driving while Distracted behavior, if not also speeding like a bat out of hell. When I saw the headline I was sure this must have happened in the middle of the night, not at 1:30 in the afternoon on a beautiful clear day. Wow. I know that stretch of road very well; he almost had to TRY to do this.

  • Michael Flood

    yes i did try 2 do this, im the kid who was driving tht car @ the time i apologize it took me so long 2 find this n reply, no i was not texting n i was in n out of consciousness

  • Anonymous

    my son driving this van. hes alive and well and back to work after 5 months!!!!

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