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Apple Festival Brings Candy Apples and Stockades for the Kids

You can bet she won't soon forget to clean her room again, including the closet

Huntington Historical Society’s annual Apple Festival returned Sunday. Unlike last year, the weather was picture perfect and a large crowd roamed the grounds enjoying the fine weather and the festival’s exhibits and activities. Square dancing was well subscribed; scarecrow-stuffing station was mobbed. The bee hive oven was fired up and cranking out bread just like they used to make in Huntington about 200 years ago. The spooky haunted barn was a hoot and especially thrilling for the kids was exiting straight in front of the Bon-Bons Chocolatier table pile high with candy apples. The only part of the visit to Kissam house that wasn’t fun was talking the kids into leaving.

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6 comments to Apple Festival Brings Candy Apples and Stockades for the Kids

  • Vivienne H. Wong

    Sad that even this Huntington organization not-for-profit plays politics only supporting incumbents. Just like last year when Eugene Cook was denied access at various events & even had a location for fundraiser canceled after agreement (and invites sent out)–The Historical Society gives Congressman Steve Israel a booth and denies one to John Gomez. This is not good for Huntington the town or the residents.

  • mcrocker


    Thanks for ruining my time @ the fair!

    After reading your post, I investigated the historical society and found out that they are are a indeed a radical partisan group that lies to kids. the old lady baking bread wasn’t from 200 years ago and the ghosts in the spook house were fake. further investigation showed that the stockade could be opened if you wiggled about a bit. thanks.

  • John Q American

    Picture #5 is the President of The Cupcake Moms.

  • John Q American


  • Dan Fucci

    I attended the fair with my family. It was great weather and I was looking forward to a day whereby I could forget the nightmare we are all dealing with in HS and School District 3. I guess it was to much to ask for as I entered the festival and an immediate bout of nausea set in as I was subjected to a Steve Israel for congress booth. Anyway I let the people at the booth know about my displeasure with Mr. Israel and how he has abandoned us in HS and SD#3. In all fairness the people at the booth were polite. I personally ran into Mr. Israel later on at the festival and voiced my displeasure with him. I essentially told him that HS and SD3 is shattered and that he presided over this for 20 years(first as a town council member then congress representing Huntington). Hard for him to distance himself from that track record. Steve Israel is the equivalent of Frank Petrone on a national level. They simply failed us.

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