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Long Island Fall Festival Photo Gallery

Best bets for negotiating traffic this weekend were either two feet or two wheels

The air was crisp, the Giants were winning and the crowds descended on Huntington this weekend for the annual and ever expanding fall festival.  The VT was there with kids and camera in tow so you can enjoy the sights (if not the smells) from the comfort of your cubicle Monday morning.

[nggallery id=77]

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11 comments to Long Island Fall Festival Photo Gallery

  • Leslie

    While I appreciate all the hard work that goes into the fair, it seemed like a marketplace more than a fair. Think I’ll skip next year or just go for the music.

  • Same Old

    As usual, the fair was just another political scene. Steve Israel using underaged girls from Dix Hills to give out helium balloons? Hey Steve… your number is up! Gomez is going to wipe the floor with you on Nov 2!

    • Truth

      This is all Steve Israel Has! Lies

      He CANT run on his voting record, so he lies.

      Some facts:

      Kevin Gersh personally contributed to Steve Israel as far back as 2002 giving $2000 to his campaign. In 2009 he personally gave $4400.

      In 2008 Kevin Gersh personally contributed $250 to Jonathon Powers who was for NY’s 26th Congressional District on the Democratic and Working Parties lines.

      Employees of West Hills Day Camp have contributed a whooping $83,283 to democratic candidates and committees since 2001. Of that, $29,500 went straight to Steve Israel.

      Karen Bronzert, the West Hill Day Camp Business Manager has contributed $2400 to Steve Israel in 2010

      Michael Moore, the camps Director, has contributed $6000 to Steve Israel.

      Edward Gersh, the president of West Hills Day Camp, has contributed $23,500 to Steve Israel since 2001.

      Kevin Gersh did not even know John Gomez back in 2002 when he started giving money to Steve Israel but as the ad says – Kevin is a Republican. It is just a stunt the two put together for the commercial.

      Politics as usual.

  • Happy Kid, Happy Mom

    Yes, alot of politicians (are you surprised?)
    Yes, food could clog an artery in one sitting!
    Yes, expensive when you add it all up!
    PRICELESS, seeing the beautiful, happy smile on my son’s face as he twirled on the swing ride.
    (Isn’t that why we went?)

  • frustrated resident

    what is not to like is the traffic that it causes anyone who lives anywhere near the park or anyone that has to go past there from their homes. No matter where i wanted to go on Saturday and Sunday, I had to add extra time and figure in my head an alternate route to travel. I really feel that enough is enough—how many of these types of fairs or festivals does our town need. It does not bring anymore money into the businesses that are not near the events.

  • Anonymous

    Was anybody there Sunday night when the power went out? Spent a lot of money to worry about my child getting stuck on a ride. Took at least 10 minutes to get the rides up and running. Couple of times it dimmed after. Nothing offer in return nor for the next day. Just another Egg Hunt?


    EWWW !
    Why have anything fun happen in my hometown if I can’t get to Starbucks without hitting traffic? Boo Hoo.
    Lighten up !
    And, I thought this was an article about the fair. Leavve the politics out of it just for once VT Readers.

    • frustrated resident

      it’s not getting to Starbucks it getting to doctors and other things—do you live anywhere near the activities? if not that you have nothing to say.


        I walked from my house to the fair( I live 6 blocks away). You probably lock yourself in your house with the curtains drawn on halloween too !

  • Anonymous

    what about the fight on friday? i did not read about that? anyone have any info?

  • hope for huntington?

    Wish we could go back to something a little more old fashion–and scaled down—
    it’s a shame our town thinks it is so beautiful when our waterfront is a disgrace and only the rich can enjoy a glass of wine on the harbor–
    route 110 is a dump from jericho turnpike all the way into halesite–except for the brief area that passes through the village area–
    for rent signs are everywhere and yet the town makes it so difficult to expand or open up anything new

    and how embarrassing that out town is in such chaos that a school had to be shut down–
    Frank and his croneys have failed us

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