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Unity in the Community Parade Photo Gallery

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31 comments to Unity in the Community Parade Photo Gallery

  • John Q American

    How come no story to go with pics VT???
    Ooooh,maybe it’s because 98% of attendees were supporters of doing the right thing and keeping Huntington El open?
    I didn’t but a couple bashful cupcakers trying to blend in.
    Shame on you.

  • Low Turn Out

    What I noticed was there were hardly any people on the side lines watching.All the attendees at the festivle were walkers in the parade for the most part or politicians.You can thank using Dee Thompson and Rebecca Sanin as the organizers for the low turn out.Most people hear those two names now and want nothing to do with whatever they are involved in.

    Looking through the pictures you can easily see hardly any people there to watch.When we first arrived we thought we were either in the wrong place or missed the whole thing.

    • Wa Wa

      I was at the fair and saw lots of people there. It was great.

      Stop being part of the problem and consider becoming part of the solution. Fingerpointing at volunteers is such a sign of personal weakness. Since you obviously do not care about Huntington Station (or Huntington at all) you should have just stayed home. Better yet, why not just move?

      • @wa wa

        some are real volunteers (with a personal agenda some where down the line in politics Ex: RS) and some actually make a real difference. You must be one of the lemmings.

        If I would have stayed home the parade would have just been for those who were in it as those on the sidelines were scarce.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree- will never attend anything with Dee or Rebecca’s name on it.

  • Concerned in HS

    I saw the same thing. Seems almost no one standing on the sidelines cheering on the great bands etc. All the hard work but in by the bands, etc and people couldn’t be bothered to honor them by attending.

    • Anonymous

      That is sad. But that is not why people did not attend. We are honestly sick of DT and RS. They need to go away.

      • HS resident

        You need to stop telling people to go away and start learning how to work together with people who hold a different viewpoint from your own.

        • Anonymous

          Not when they keep pushing their viewpoints on everyone else. Not when they resort to calling everyone racist when they don’t get their way. Maybe they are the ones who need to learn to work with others. And for that matter, you do too.

          • HS resident

            I am more than willing….just let me know when and where you want to get together for drinks or coffee…

  • Jennifer LaVertu

    I was there with my 3 littles in tow….they loved the bouncy houses, ate some burgers, ice cream, mingled with neighbors etc etc…..

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Marta Smith one of the 2 Grand Marshalls!!! She is a sweetie and a great person in our community!!!! I have the pleasure of being her neighbor and thank God for her and her husband Bill having a hand in being our adopted Grandparents!

  • Amy

    Sad to admit, but many of the hard working tax payers of Huntington Station have lost their pride in this town. I grew up here and no longer have the same feeling about this town. When asked where I live I now say Huntington. I’m embarrased to admit I live here. I truly hope that this town can turn a corner one day, but it doesn’t look hopeful at this time.

  • Hey John Qlueless

    Sorry, but it had nothing to do with the school issue. I didn’t feel like going to parade and cheering for organizations who attempted to push Avalon Bay on us. Don’t think we will forget who’s who.

    • HS resident

      The theme for the day was “unity”! Can’t you get past the Avalon issue? It was also a day for the kids to enjoy which they did to the fullest!

      • Anonymous

        Can’t get past you.

        • HS resident

          The anwser is to meet me half way….and think win/win.

          • Alia

            This is what not understanding what unity means….you can’t just screech “unity! you must join me!” and think people will fall in. I have to agree with the posters above, some of the names attached to this project definitely turned off many people I know, because everyone recalls they budged not an inch earlier in the year. How have you or they come “half way” exactly?

          • HS resident

            I am willing to sit down with anyone on this site to talk about what is a half way position for both sides…As it stands you have your side (which is probably more in line with the BOE) and I have my side (which is probaly more in line with the TOH). Now we need to talk and find a half way point just like the BOE and TOH need to do the same…

          • Alia

            Sit down and discuss what, exactly? As far as I’m concerned, you were a shill for AB. AB has been kioked to the curb.

            I’m not interested in meeting half way to the curb.

          • HS resident

            Well I guess you dont subscribe to free markets then. You were happy to have government there to stop the free market/private sector from doing what they wanted.

          • Alia

            There ya go AGAIN. Free Market? Are you kidding? Ahem – the Free Market does NOT GET TO CHANGE ZONING LAWS.

            Nevermind the free market does not get involved in subsidized housing.

            I’m sure that curb is cold, but it’s your choice to sit out there.

          • HS resident


            I didnt hear anything like that at this zoning event I recently attended that said that free markets dont get to change zoning laws….


  • Truth

    Was Steve Israel hiding?

    Project Vote Smart Condemns Steve Israel for Lying to Senior Citizens About John Gomez
    Condemns Steve Israel for Lying

    So this is what it has come down to, Steve Israel has just jumped into the gutter with the lowest form of gutter trash! He is no longer a respectable member of society.

    A very smart man once said
    “Anyone who is willing to lie to get a job will lie while performing that job” ,

    what else will this man do who is trying to win a Congressional Race and has nothing to run on? Anything!

    This is just a very small part part of what Steve Israel has done over the past 2 years:

    Steve Israel Voted for:
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    Voted YES on additional $825 billion for economic recovery package. (Jan 2009)
    Voted YES on $15B bailout for GM and Chrysler. (Dec 2008)
    Voted YES on $60B stimulus package for jobs, infrastructure, & energy. (Sep 2008)
    Voted NO on protecting the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Voted NO on constitutional amendment prohibiting flag desecration

    98.7% voting record with Nancy Pelosi

    This is why he has jumped into the gutter, He can’t run on his record!

    Please pass this to everyone in you know in the 2nd CD
    They need to know what kind of “man” Steve Israel is.

    Politics as usual

    Read it for yourself:

  • Smith @ Wesson

    People didn’t attend because they were afraid to. The organizers should have offered bullet proof vests prior to the start of the parade!

  • Vivienne H. Wong

    Who paid for the “Friends of Huntington Train Station” expensive giveaways & banner? This group is not a registered 503b. I hope it was not my tax dollars. I have FOILED today. As I suspect the Town of Huntington is giving this group money & the money they are giving them is my money. TOH has a hiring freeze and has cut back road budget that effects our safety.

    • HS resident

      Nope, dont worry it wasnt your tax dollars. The banner and the give aways were left over from the money we raised for the Centennial Celebration. Check the dates on the train magnets I gave to Jen’s kids and you will see they were made up in 2009…Seriously you should stop obsessing about the activities of a civic group whose only goal is to better the Huntington Train Station!

  • Neighbor

    It was a nice thing for the community. Can’t we all just try to move forward?

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