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The Legend Lives on, from the Chippewa on Down, of the Big Lake They Call Halesite Sue Bee

Sue Bee's waters receded mid-morning Thursday before returning again Friday

Sue Bee’s angry waters were running through Halesite like an angry mob Friday morning. Water geysered from manholes, NY Ave was impassible from Prime to Mill Dam and a DOT crew stood by waiting for the rain to slow and the waters to recede.

Prime Geyser

(sub) Prime Geyser

In contrast to Friday, Thursday morning was a gentler, albeit muddier Sue Bee. By 7am Thursday two cars were stalled in the middle of Rte 110 near the Creek Rd intersection while Sue Bee’s coffee-colored waters lapped at their windows. By 9am Thursday all that was left were the metal carcasses of the latest victims being hauled onto flatbeds.

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Taps played in the background as this casualty was hauled from the lake

Taps played in the background as this casualty was hauled from the lake

NY Ave at Park/Creek 7am Friday

Who says SUVs are unnecessary on Long Island?

DOT crew takes in an early morning view of the lake

Looking Southwest down NY Ave from Park/Creek

Even the ducks stayed away Friday

Sue Bee River slows to a trickle around 9:30 Thursday morning

Commenter Seven years of bad luck sent these photos:

More submitted Sue Bee photos:

Another reason to switch to Netfix

New York's Venice on the Sound?

Don't worry, that water is cleaner than it looks

DOT trucks take the high ground

Sea Tow?

Hope he's not late for a LaGuardia trip

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8 comments to The Legend Lives on, from the Chippewa on Down, of the Big Lake They Call Halesite Sue Bee

  • Seven years of bad luck

    Ever since the Town highway dept. decided seven years ago to pave over a perfectly good concrete road installed by the WPA in the 40’s there has been major pooling in front of my home. The pooling gets so high it comes into my yard like a water fall and floods my yard and seeps into my basement. For seven years the highway dept. has only dropped off sand bags in front of my home to stop the river across my lawn. A quick fix twice that did absolutely nothing they tried to regrade a ten foot section of the road. Last year they installed a drain basin across the street that filled in five minutes and was a total waste of tax dollars. Friday they installed two more basins in front of my house. While I tried to tell them, although I am not an engineer, that they were putting it in the wrong location and that it would not solve the problem, they installed it anyway and with the rain we received on Thursday the basins, now three, were all full and the flooding persisted. I watch out my window this morning with dismay. Sand bags in place, water damming up against them. I scratch my head and wondered, the physics surely can not be too difficult, my home sits at the top of a hill.

  • special ed mom

    It still amazes me that in the 20 plus years that i have lived in huntington–10 plus in Halesite that people still think that they can get through the water down on New York Avenue and Creek Road. It also amazes me that there has never been anyone that has died from the rushing water and being stranded in their cars. The road really needs to be fixed but they have tried to do so back in the late 80’s and nothing changed. The road was torn up for months and traffic was the worst–businesses down in Halesite suffered all for what?

  • Gordo's Gold

    It took me 40 minutes to get to the train station this morning (even though I completely avoided 110), but the VT’s reference here to the very underappreciated Gordon Lightfoot almost makes it worth it!

  • anonymous

    It’s Franks Fault.

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