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Jon Cooper Visits the Temporary Huntington Station Police Annex

Big Brother in the house

On Tuesday, September 28th, Suffolk County Legislator Jon Cooper spent the morning at the Town of Huntington’s Community Outreach Center, which is serving as the temporary location for the soon-to-be-opened police annex in Huntington Station.  Police Officer Damian Lee showed Cooper how officers at the annex perform live monitoring of 27 surveillance cameras that were installed by the Huntington Station Business Improvement District.

Back in 2007, Cooper arranged for the Suffolk County Police Department to have immediate and direct access to video footage from these cameras, which had been installed on public streets in high-crime areas, as part of what Cooper called his “Safe Communities Initiative.”  Earlier this month, the County Legislature overwhelmingly adopted Cooper’s plan to establish a permanent police annex at a more visible and more readily accessible location in Huntington Station.

Cooper also filed a companion bill to provide funding for an additional 20 security cameras in violence-prone areas that are not currently monitored by the BID cameras.  A vote on this resolution will take place at the next meeting of the Legislature on October 12t

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21 comments to Jon Cooper Visits the Temporary Huntington Station Police Annex

  • Anonymous

    Duh, I thought part of the security from the cameras was that the criminals did not know where they were filming. By enlarging this photo, we just figured out where three of them are.

    • Anon

      Do you really think the criminals don’t know enough to look up at a light pole and see the camera? it is not like they are hidden. They know where each one is, but it is still a deterrent knowing the Police are watching, they are also a big aid in post crime investigation I would think.

    • Cameras are a great idea

      My understanding is that even though the cameras aren’t hidden, they don’t look like cameras but look more like regular street lights. So there’s actually a good chance that a lot of the bad guys WON’T know exactly where the cameras are.

      In any case, the cameras definitely ARE a deterrent to crime and obviously will play a useful role in investigating crimes and arresting gang members and other criminals. I think this is a great idea.

    • Our Criminals Don't Care

      I took car service to the train station late Wednesday night. By the 7/11 on New York Ave, a SCPD call pulled someone over…flashing lights on.

      Directly across the street from the car stop, all sorts of sordid things were going down…and these people didnt even car there was a cop right in front of them. The cabbie who took me from NYC was shocked.

      These people will commit crimes no matter what. They have no fear of arrest or police. At least we got them on camera.

  • Justin Thompson

    And the score at the end of one inning . . .

    Photo Ops for Cooper – 1
    REAL Security Improvements in HS – 0

    • Huntington Hal

      Justin, you seem to automatically shoot down any steps that are being proposed to deal with the problem of street violence. You don’t like the police annex, you don’t like the surveillance cameras, you don’t like ShotSpotter.

      I’d love to hear your brilliant ideas for action that can be taken RIGHT NOW to fight crime in the Station. And don’t give me a rehash of ideas that will take months or years to have an impact – we need to act now! I applaud Mr. Cooper for at least trying to make a difference.

  • Big Brother Is Watching!!

    Thank you Jon Cooper.Cameras are the answer.Now the police can watch and respond.If they see a large crowd or any suspicious activity they can monitor the situation and if need be investigate.The police stationed in the HS area are already well aware of who they need to keep and eye on.They know where they live and what they drive.
    Many people in the high crime areas are afraid to call the police in fear of retaliation.Let the police do their job.

    • It's gotta help

      I agree that live monitoring of the video cameras will help. We can never hire enough cops so they can be on every dangerous street corner 24 hours a day. While the surveillance cameras won’t replace the cops, they will allow the police to do their jobs better. Thank you Mr. Cooper for making this happen!

  • Big Brother Is Watching!!

    There is a security camera on the street with a view the old day laborer site area and Depot Rd.It has been there for a few years.They have on video the license plate number of every vehicle that has illegally picked up day laborers.Why don’t they do something with this information.Take a picture and issue fines,just like the red light ticket cameras in Nassau County.

    • oh sure

      Just like with hookers right? Instead of aresting hookers arrest the Johns? So stupid!

      How about arresting town council for putting the daylabor site in to begin with. They are guilty of “proving employment”. Its a federal law they boke for years then in our taxes we paid for it? We are just as guilty for allowing it to happen. I can’t see iit from my yard so I don’t care? Here’s $20 bucks just make it go away? Disgusting!

      More tickets for the truckers, more DOT stops and ticket the guys woking theirs asses off to make money but not the real criminals that reside in town hall!

    • Concerned in HS

      Interesting is the cameras at the day labor site were paid by the Hunt Station BID. The property is owned by one of the BID directors. Think maybe it was to protect his own property. FYI – this is the same guy that owns the 7-11 on NYAve just south of the LIRR. How in the world did they allow that – you have a three way intersection, next to the library. Wonder how many variances he received – but I’m sure you can check Board of Elections as to how received donations from him.

  • michael

    they can have 10 police annex and cameras all over, it won’t solve the problem until they take care of the illegal housing and illegals.
    you have 10-20 kids coming out of one house to get on bus for school

    • Anon

      That is actually a great idea, the Town of Huntington should fire the current code enforcement do nothings and hire the bus drivers who run the routes in the HS area, they certainly know what houses are illegal and it would most likely be a nice pay upgrade for them knowing how over paid Town employees are.

      Speaking of which anybody know if Stu Besen has should up for work lately to pick up some of the 50k part time check.

    • assdfas

      So it’s the children of illegal immigrants that are committing the robberies, shootings, and gang violence? It would be nice if Cooper called up Dee Thompson, Glenda Jackson, or Bernadette Watkins and asked them to reach out to their “community” to end the violence.

      • Speak the truth

        Anyone who thinks most of the shootings and gang violence are committed by illegal aliens (or their kids) is just plain wrong. The facts are that most of the gang members arrested recently in Huntington Station were local boys who had no ties to illegals at all. If deporting illegals would solve the problem, that would be great. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

  • Jennifer LaVertu

    I thought the COMMUNITY was suppose to have access to the cameras, now we have to rely on yet another paid employee to do, or not do their job correctly in this town.

    I want MY TOWN back, I live here, I pay for it, and I want it back…..those cameras are suppose to be on a live feed for the public to monitor not for us to pay more people to watch them.

    Where’s the FREE stuff we asked for? Where is the curfew? The cameras on live feed? We asked for things and they get caught up in red tape till someone can figure out how to add more line items to the budget and steal more of our money in the process.

    Time to get a red beret and start doing it ourselves as everyone who is suppose to be taking care of us (that we pay) is not. Plain and simple.

  • Chris K.

    Jennifer, I don’t think I’d support giving folks in the community access to the cameras. Problems with voyeurism, false reports of crime and the like. I’d much rather have police professionals do the live monitoring – whether regular or light duty cops.

    As for the Guardian Angels, I’m afraid that having people marching up and down our streets wearing red berets will send the message that things are even worse in Huntington Station than they actually are. Have many patrons will be scared away from shopping at local businesses? We’ve got to think long and hard before we go down that road.

    I say, give the police annex and monitoring of the cameras a chance. If they don’t make a difference in fighting crime and gang violence (and I think they will), we can then consider taking other steps.

  • Jennifer LaVertu

    I wouldn’t worry about the Guardian Angels so much, that was more tongue in cheek than anything else. They were here, did a press conference and then poof, gone again last sighting? 9/20/2010.

    As far as the cameras….we asked for the monitoring that was not being monitored in the first place on 7/13/2010, as part of a controlled online neighborhood watchdog group. I happened to be at that meeting when the idea was born. The people watching would not be doing it for kicks or voyurism but as a volunteer position to call crimes in “live time”…

    Just trying to point out what we ask for, and what we get, are 2 completely different things.

    Not sure where you live Chris but things ARE bad in Huntington Station. Crime seems to be at a lull right now but the police blotters are still ridicously out of control. It was only a few short weeks ago when there was that murder 2 blocks from me at the birthday party and then helicopters circiling for 4 hours 2 days later from 10pm-2am….it was NOT a practice drill and alot of people are trying to “cover it up” because the housing values are dropping. The real focus should be fixing the crime and not sweeping it under the rug.

    • Chris K.

      Of course I know that things are bad in Huntington Station. I’m just saying that I’d much prefer to have cops watch the cameras instead of private citizens, no matter how well-intentioned they are. Neighborhood watches are one thing – neighbors watching surveillance cameras are another. That just creeps me out.

  • Smith & Wesson

    More taxpayer $$$$ waste! The cops should be out on the streets! Not watching tv screens and playing video games! Get real Jon Cooper!

    • Makes sense to me

      I agree we need more cops on the streets, but doing live monitoring of the cameras makes complete sense. Cops can’t be everywhere at once. At least this way they should be able to respond to shootings and other street crime a lot faster. Plus it will obviously be easier to prosecute the bad guys if they’re caught on video.

      Doesn’t sound like a waste of taxpayer dollars to me – it sounds like a smart investment.

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