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Huntington Town Councilman Mark Mayoka Endorses John Gomez for Congress

Gomez and Mayoka share political views and a fondness for red ties

Huntington Town Councilman Mark Mayoka has announced his endorsement of Long Island Businessman John Gomez, the Republican/Conservative candidate for New York’s second congressional district.

“John Gomez is a successful Long Island small business owner who has the experience and leadership that we need,” said Councilman Mark Mayoka. “He knows that taxes need to be cut and that government spending needs to be lowered to offset the skyrocketing cost of living on Long Island. His call to bring in more federal agents to combat the explosion of gang violence in Huntington Station is spot on. He is knowledgeable about local issues and puts the needs of the community first. He is a leader that understands the needs of the residents of Huntington–and that’s why I support John Gomez for Congress.”

“Councilman Mayoka’s endorsement is emblematic of the local support my candidacy has been receiving through out my campaign,” Businessman John Gomez added.  “Mark’s recent election is yet another example that the people of the second congressional district want their taxes cut and government spending greatly reduced.”

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16 comments to Huntington Town Councilman Mark Mayoka Endorses John Gomez for Congress

  • Don't fall for it

    Look at your property tax bill. It’s mostly school and police. These two can’t do anything about this. Typical politicians just saying what they think we want to hear. We do need our taxes cut but this is just lip service. Don’t fall for it.

  • Carl LaFong

    Ahhh, just wait until the slumlords throw peanuts at him, then you’ll see where the care is.

  • Jennifer LaVertu

    Based on the results I have seen from the bozos currently in office? I’ll take ANYBODY but who we currently have in office! I’ll take Daniel Karpen over Israel and that says alot!

    I have met John Gomez several times around town, Greenlawn Fair etc and I have to say, I really like him, and Mark hands down is a stand up guy!

    I never was politically motivated nor involved in politics further than voting and most of the time, I will admit I was not as informed as I am now. I would like to thank all members of our current administration for screwing things up SO BAD that the community is now awake and in an emergency like situation to change things and change them fast!

  • @ Carl LaFong

    Instead of blaming the slumlords for doing business here you should be blaming code enforcement for ALLOWING them to do business here. I think people have become so used to blaming the “potters” of Huntington that they forget that lack-sa-daisy code enforcement has allowed them to set up here and do business in a manner that has gotten us where we are now. Your missdirected anger may be what is not allowing change to happen in this town.

    Time to do something diffrent and hold the real criminals accountible. Join the facebook page CITIZENS for Huntington Code Enforcement and become part of the solution instead of part of the problem of people who complain but do nothing to change the rules and players.

    The rules have changed. Ready to join those who are pushing in real change?

  • HS resident

    Looks like some of Gomez/Mayoka’s “friends” have blocked me/filtered my comments on Patch. So I will post my message here that won’t go through….(so much for their stance on free speech)

    If the BOE and the NIMBYs from SD#3 dont start taking an attitude of working together with the TOH and the many residents who are trying to move the HS revitalization forward (which falls under the TOH’s responsibility), then you can all expect to have a yearly campaign to vote down your future budgets to help reduce taxes for us all. I have voted in favor of every budget but that will be changing….unless you come to the table with a win/win attitude to help solve the many problems before us. The win/lose stance is no longer acceptable…… you choose…will it be win/win or lose/lose going foward?

    • Anonymous

      Kim, now that you know the Patch was having technical difficulties, do you think you should apologize to Gomez/Mayoke friends and stop spreading paranoid lies? Also, stop threatening us. Be an adult and vote how you see fit based on facts.

      • HS resident

        I am not threatening anyone. I asked a question and said the ball is in your court but would just like to know if you plan to play win/win or lose/lose going forward?

  • American

    This says it all!!!

    Bohemia, NY – Long Island Businessman John Gomez, the Republican/Conservative congressional candidate in New York’s second congressional district, releases a statement regarding the ramifications of the House Democrats voting 210-209 to adjourn.

    Gomez: “A vote to adjourn the 111th Congress is a vote to increase taxes – plain and simple. Thirty-nine Democrats broke rank with Nancy Pelosi to vote against adjourning the House – Steve Israel was NOT one of them!

    “Simply put, Steve Israel voted to go home and fight to save his job, instead of staying in Washington D.C. to fight to protect and save jobs on Long Island.

  • Dump Steve Israel

    How is it, after 2 years of sitting with an overwhelming majority of Democrats in Congress and his party controlling presidency Mr. Israel was unable to turn this groundbreaking legislation into a law? Because his party has absolutely NO intention of passing an income tax sliding scale that would benefit Israel’s over taxed constituents. They had the power to do it and didn’t. Doesn’t say very much for the multi-term congressman’s influence in his own party does it.

    Steve Israel = Lier

  • Same old thing

    It doesn’t matter, republican or democrat, they are all full of it. We have to start looking past the sound-bites. Who has a detailed plan to get the country moving now. All these politicians do is attack each other and we end up voting against a candidate instead of voting for one. This guy Gomez looks like the same old thing.

  • Fed Up In The Station

    Steve Israel is just a Pelosi puppy dog! When Steve was a councilman, he looked the other way when the crime and the gangs in the station were on the way up. It was his idea to set up that crime ridden migrant worker / illegal alien pick up area on Depot Road! No way Steve will I vote for you again! Gomez has my vote and all my neighbors feel the same too!

  • @Fed Up In The Station

    What is a Pelosi puppy dog?

    • Fed Up With Steve!

      It means he does whatever Speaker Pelosi tells him to do. She told Steve to vote yes for Obama-Care, Stimulus Package, Higher Taxes, More Debt, Unfare Trading Practices With China, No Border Fence, Open Immigration, etc. WAKE UP HUNTINGTON & VOTE JOHN GOMEZ FOR CONGRESS!

      • HS resident

        Before you blindly cast your vote, be sure to read up on what Gomez stands for. While I may not be 100% happy with Israel, IMO Gomez will in fact be worse! (not the same, nor better)

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